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80s shirts men’s style best way to brighten up your look

November 15, 2019

Add some 80s shirts men’s style to your wardrobe today for pops of youthful colour and a cool and laid-back retro vibe. Show your fashion savvy with this elevated look.


80s shirts men’s style had a casual, bright and playful look about them that will liven up your current favourites and add some throwback suave to your off-duty and casual Friday looks, so give them a try.

Three men in their 80s shirts mens, 1988

Latzke, R.Schenker and K. Meine, 1988

80s shirts men’s style top trends

Take a virtual tour through the top trends of 80s shirts men’s style and see which of these trends have stood the test of time and are as classic and stylish today as they were back in the 1980s


  • Casual style: Men’s wear 80s shirts were casually worn as tees under jackets the way Don Johnson rocked the look on “Miami Vice” or as Hawaiian shirts like Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I.


The casual look permeated office wear too, and wasn’t just for weekends and evenings. Ties were optional or not worn at all and work wear transitioned seamlessly to off-duty wear with 80s style men’s shirts taking the day-to-night look uber laid-back.

Banda Rame, 1987

Banda Rame

Oversized slouchy jackets layered over brightly coloured polo shirts, graphic T-shirts or floral Hawaiian shirts all showed up to work.


  • Preppy style:  80s shirts men’s preppy style were another way to go. Buttoned-down oxfords, fair isle sweaters, knitted vests and polo shirts with popped collars tucked into classic khakis were the different ways the preppy look took on men’s 80s style shirts.


  • 80s shirts men’s style the T-shirt way: T-shirts were every where in the 1980s. Worn under jackets, or on their own with jeans, chinos or cargo pants, tees took many different forms.


Neon colours
  • Bright solid neon colours


Rock bands
  • Embellished with pictures of rock bands


Brand logos
  • Printed with big-brand logos and names such as Levi’s, Coke, Polo, Pepsi and others


Movie and cartoon characters
  • Emblazoned with movie stars or cartoon characters


  • 80s shirts men’s wear with colour:  shirts in the 1980s were all about colour, the brighter and bolder, the better. Popular colours included bubble-gum pink, rich red, neon blue, lime green and sunshine yellow.


These were the key trends that epitomized 80s shirts men’s wear style in the 1980s. Read on to learn about the key influencer’s of 80s men’s wear spins of that decade.

Michael Jackson performing in music video The Way You Make Me Feel in 1988.

Michael Jackson performing in music video, 1988

80s shirts men’s style inspired by music icons

Men followed the trends and styles set by the rock stars of the 1980s. Some of these key influencers from the realm of music are highlighted below.


  • Heavy Metal and 80s shirts men’s style: Heavy metal bands like Metallica and Poison drove adoption of graphic T-shirts tucked into leather or spandex pants, or worn with ripped jeans and bandanas.


  • Michael Jackson’s influence on 80s shirts men’s style: As the top musical icon of the decade, Michael Jackson was copied by everyone.   Oversized tops, leather jackets, white button-downs with black skinny pants were just some of his looks that pervaded the fashion scene.

Bowie 1983 serious moonlight tour

Bowie 1983 s

  • Androgynous influences on 80s shirts men’s style: Pop stars like Boy George, Annie Lennox, Prince and Bowie led the androgynous wear trend, with women’s style blouses worn by both genders, finished with high-heeled boots and spiky short hair.


  • Hip Hop influence on Men’s 80s wear:  MC Hammer, Run DMC and other Hip Hop stars and bands from the 1980s were a big influence on the streetwear fashion scene, with their parachute pants, high-top brand-name sneakers, heavy gold rope chains and black oversized 80s shirts men’s wear style.


These are just some of the music industry influences on 80s shirts men’s wear style. There were other trends and drivers behind the fashion scene in the 1980s so read on for more.

80s Pink Vintage Silk Shirt

80s Pink Vintage Silk Shirt

80s shirts men’s styled the conservative way

The conservative look influenced some of the top trend’s of 80s shirts wear style back in the day.  Some of the characteristics of this look included:


  • Button-down shirts done the Oxford style way.


  • Polo shirts in muted pastel shades, layered under jackets or tucked into chinos.


  • Fair Isle or Argyle sweaters slung across shoulders for a dash of suave.


  • Sweater vests layered over button-downs.


  • Cuffed khakis, cargos or chinos.


  • Penny loafers, sometimes worn without socks.


  • Pastel shirts and tops with brand names like Izod, Polo and Benetton emblazoned across the chest on or sleeves.


These were just some of the ways the conservative look influences 80s Men’s wear style.

80s Red Paisley Vintage Silk Shirt

80s Red Paisley Vintage Silk Shirt

Best accessories for men’s style choices

Top trends for finishing the 1980s men’s wear look included:


  • High-top sneakers, preferably branded, in a range of colours or the classic all-black or all-white. Wear with classic 1980s track suit ensembles or pair with jeans for a street look.


  • Member’s only jackets in a rainbow of colours, worn zipped up to the neck. Throw these over your favourite T-shirt or polo shirt.


  • Denim jackets embellished with buttons and patches. Layer a vintage denim jacket over an 80s shirts men’s style look for a 1980s throwback spin.

80s Multicolored Vintage Silk Shirt

80s Multicolored Vintage Silk Shirt

  • Ray Ban sunnies or any other popular brand of sunglasses, preferably aviator style with reflective lenses.


  • Stone-washed or acid-washed jeans worn with plain white or graphic T-shirts for a casual weekend or evening look.


  • Track suits worn both on and off the sports field. Layer the track suit jacket over an 80s Men’s wear style T-shirt for a finished look, or break up the track suit into separates that you pair with your favourite pieces for versatile style.


  • An earring in one ear is a 1980s must-have look.  Studs look the best, preferably faux or real diamond ones.


These accessories completed the whole ensemble of 80s shirts men’s style and their coordinated pants and gave men a way to express their fashion personality.

80s Wavy Pastel Silk Shirt

80s Wavy Pastel Silk Shirt

Where to buy

Take a virtual walk through some of the top online market places to source your men’s 80s style today.


  • Etsy is a good place to start your virtual shopping trip at Etsy:


They have a great selection of men’s wear 80s shirts style in customized, one-of-a-kind heritage pieces in shirts, T-shirts and many other spins on the classic shirt look.


Rusty Zipper
  • Then, for additional 80s-style variety, head on over to Rusty Zipper:


Here, you will find 80s shirts in terry cloth, Hawaiian, sweater, velour and other fabrications and styles from the 1980s.


Don’t forget to also check out their coordinated pants, jeans and other trouser spins to finish your look.

1989 Doctor Who Tee-Shirt

1989 Doctor Who Tee-Shirt

  • Tee lovers, it’s now time to take a tour of 80s Tees:


Find retro shirts from the cult 1980s movies, TV shows, video games and comic books at this site and embrace your vintage Men’s 80s shirts superhero style persona!


  • Rokit is another great online vintage market place for you to browse:


Find a highly curated offering of heritage 80s shirts men’s wear style at this site, with everything from basic T-shirts to brand-name high-end, high-quality shirts, jackets, pants and accessories.


  • Have you visited Simply Eighties or Spread Shirt yet?   If not, do check them out:


Together, they specialise in everything 1980s, you get the largest selection of 80s shirts men’s wear style here, everything from vintage graphic and logo T-shirts to classic polo shirts to velour track suit tops.

90s Green Abstract Landscape Silk Shirt

90s Green Abstract Landscape Silk Shirt


  • No virtual shopping expedition is complete without a visit to Amazon:


Amazon offers you everything from authentic vintage Mens 80s style shirts  all the way to modern spins on 1980s fashion that you can buy for a fraction of the cost of the original look.


Highlights include neon-bright shirts, retro-styled T-shirts, classic polo shirts and all the trouser and accessory options to finish your throwback look.


Go head-to-toe 1980s throwback style with timeless pieces like a polo shirt paired with a pair of khaki pants, or mash up the retro-modern look with a vintage 80s shirts men’s wear style graphic T-shirt worn with your favourite modern straight-leg jeans.


There are so many ways to bring the key trends of the 1980s look into your current outfits, so don’t be afraid to experiment and amplify your style with some key 80s shirts men’s wear style.