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Retro shops online – For retro clothes online

The good thing about retro shops online are the many categories it contains. It finds itself with every kind of desirable retro item you could want. Each kind has been carefully selected. Each colour will wash well. They are either made of cashmere or wool. Lambswool is softest, but sheep’s wool is waterproof. It can be itchy though. Angora is made from rabbits and is fluffy but unethical. Alpaca is the hair of a goat, and so is mohair Cashmere is too. But people can be allergic to all kinds of hair, so maybe man-made fibre is best. Acrylic is one man-made fibre. It makes for fluffy jumpers. Rayon is also good. Or if you want a natural fibre then cotton or linen can be a possibility.

Knitwear to be proud of from Retro shops online

It’s not just jumpers that knitwear is used for. Hat, too, can be knitted. Socks are a knitted too. An innovation in socks lately has been anti-microbial technology. It involves things like silver being added to the item to make it less smelly. Bamboo is also being used to make not only socks but tee shirts too. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and it also has less of an environmental impact. This is because it grows quickly. It can be harvested with much less water than cotton. The bamboo wands grow back quickly and you may get three or four crops in a year. Not just one. Textile recycling is also being investigated. At the moment you can get recycled textile blankets, but they are only crude looking. New technology makes for better looking textile recycling.

Recycling old items

Some retro shops online sell things that have been remade. They take an original vintage article and jazz it up a bit. They may re dye it, or add sequins. In some cases they recut it to give a different shape. The simplest to make are things like cushion covers. But vintage shops also make dresses or skirts. Another thing that many vintage brands do is to copy old designs. They will take a classic article like some flares. They will copy the pattern. Then they make new ones in new fabrics. They also sometimes update the shape to something more modern. Today trousers often have a higher rise and so modern re-makes reflect this. Or the fabric is different, more subtle colours or better prints. It’s a good idea.

Genuine vintage clobber

But sometimes the only thing that will do is a genuine vintage item. A pair of flares from the 1970s has real history. They may be cheap to buy but their value is limitless. Perhaps that pair of flares was worn by a rock star, or by some real cool kid. Perhaps a fox made a nest in them. Or a vole. You may be able to tell by investigating the legs. Flares have different width of legs, including some almost as wide as they are long. They may flare from the knee or start right at the crotch. They can also have just a tiny little frill at the bottom. And, like all true fashion items, they are often made out of corduroy. Rayon is a popular fabric for flares. They can be made of denim, too.

The best thing to do

When you can’t decide, look at a selection of retro shops online to decide. One is not enough, try six or seven. Try eight or ten to really get the full picture. But then again, the first one you hit on might actually get the job. They might have the perfect red retro shirt for you, or orange pullover. It depends what you are looking for. Some retro shop online specialise. They only have things from the 1950s or a carefully curated selection of items. They might pick only designer brands, or specialise in Mod clothes. But others have a wide range. Just browse around until you’re sure. Add pages to your favourites and make pin boards of the best. Some sellers have absolutely brilliant items in such great condition that you wonder where they came from.

Wonderful designs

When you stumble across the best retro shops online bookmark it. You can visit it again often to see what new things they have. Some restock on a regular basis and some as and when. It’s worth checking back. There are some auction sites that have regular sales. They theme the sales around different titles. So sometimes it is vintage clothes from the 1960s. They feature designers like Paco Rabanne and Mary Quant. Sometimes they have real original couture from clients. They have wedding dresses or special occasion suits made especially for someone by the great designers. It is worth looking out for one-off items like this as they sometimes have them in your size.

At small cost

And they can often cost far less than you would expect. A brand new wedding dress can cost thousands, yet you may be able to pick up a vintage Dior wedding dress for a few hundred pounds. Keep your eyes peeled, this is rare but not impossible. Online vintage sites and real life sites stock these beauties. If you are not able to get to a real life auction you can get someone to bid by proxy. Or you can bid over the phone.

Just go and look

If you want, you can preview the collection. You will probably not be able to try the items on, but it is nice just to examine the articles. You can check for damage. Entry to the auction for viewing should be free. Sometimes there are auctions of famous people’s clothes. Even Princess Diana’s clothes have come up for auction. Some of them are outfits which she wore for famous events. There are photos of her in the dress to go with it. These clothes are ones to treasure. there are also items that have been worn on stage.