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Vintage shops online uk

The trend if you trawl through vintage shops online uk you will see the options. For trendy velvet shows no sign of slowing down. Five colours predominate; they are red, green, mink, grey and of course black. It’s a very nineties trend but a cute one. Try velvet in solid colours and as an ombre effect.It is also pretty combined with lace or as cut outs. As for what in your wardrobe should be velvet, it’s anything you like. Stretch velvet makes nice tops or dresses,and a stiff velvet makes a good winter skater skirt. Layer velvet with velvet, and wear velvet leggings underneath it all. Moleskin, lace and sparkle go well with this trend too.

Deep Midwinter coats from Vintage shops online uk

The cold weather will get more extreme so consider getting a big fake fur coat. The hairier the better, make sure yours stands out. If you get a quilted lined one it will be surprisingly warm. Inky blue is a sophisticated option that offsets the wacky material. Watch out though as the fibres get absolutely everywhere. Again, Vintage shops online uk should be able to supply one in your size. You do not have to be too precise about size because these coats should be worn oversized. You will not be able to see your figure anyway because of the volume. Fake fur is an excellent option as the hairs trap air to keep warm. For accessories, wear gloves and a turban. A beanie hat is nice too. Choose a colour that tones.

Hats and other features

In winter it is important to keep the head warm and the sinuses. This doesn’t mean sacrificing style. You can wear many different style of hat, including knitted ones with pompoms or polar fleeces. You can try a warm sheepskin hat and a pork pie hat. If you search in vintage shops online uk you will see what is available. There are also hats which have more of a decorative look. They go well for special occasions. You can wear them at vintage events or dressed up evenings. Fascinators do the same job. In the 1940s hats were very popular, but after that their wearing declined. Women used to feel under dressed if they were not wearing a hat. Now we only wear them for very hot weather or for if it is cold. But nothing gives you that summer holiday feeling like a nice straw hat.

Gloves and shoes

Some people have such large collections of shoes. They define themselves with their footwear. They always have their eyes on a new pair and keep them in a wardrobe. Some particularly like sparkly ones, or have a fetish for patent leather. Some people like to buy shoes for others. For other enthusiasts, boots are the only way forward. A pair of over the knee boots. I prefer ankle boots with quite a sturdy heel. High but strong. Other people like kitten heels. Some men like to wear high heels too, either because they are short or because why not. Cowboy boots can have quite a high heel on them. It is so that the foot stays in the stirrup.

Cowboy boots are decorated

Cowboy boots are traditionally decorated with leather appliqués or embroidery. Some can be amazingly decorative with cut outs and scalloped tops. Most cowboy boots come to calf length but some are longer. Some vintage shops online uk have a selection. Or you might have to go to a specialised store. The leather is different types: cow leather is customary but some are made or horse hide. Pigskin is also used, as is calf leather with the hair still attached. Some very fancy boots are made from snake skin. They can have spurs or other jingly things. Cowboy boots are seen in Western films. They are a fashion statement whether you are part of the Wild West or not. Some American men wear the footwear without ever having been near a cow. That is what fashion is like.

Cowboy hats are also cool

Cowboy hats were originally designed to keep the sun off your face but now it is just for looks. Cowboy hats are made for both male and female. And can be masculine colours like black or female colours like navy blue. Sometimes you wear them with tiny cut off denim shorts. And add cowboy boots. Or sometimes you just wear the hat with a sober business suit, or naked with boots if you’re in a comedy.The hats were popularized by popular 1980s programme Dynasty. The best way to search for the vintage online shopping is to use a search engine. It will throw up options that you want. Try to keep going even if what you want is not on page one. It might be on page three. The best things always are.

The overall look

So if you want to try cowgirl style the overall look is one of denim, plaid and leather. Your jeans should be denim, your hat and boots leather, and your shirt plaid. Jeans can be any style, preferably sexy: boot-cut, cut off at the knee or cut off at the bottom. You can also wear skinny jeans. Then you can have a very fitted shirt like Dolly Parton or tie it up to expose your midriff. You can also wear a fringed suede jacket on top. Add a tiny bootlace necktie or a little black ribbon. Big hoop earrings look suitable. You can have a toy gun like a real cowboy! Or just a microphone. Try the look of dressing all in white with gold accents, it’s a good cowboy look.


The best vintage shopping online experience is done with patience. Don’t forget to use a measuring tape and take good notice of what it says on it. Remember that sizes can vary around the world and sometimes things shrink. If you are not sure then check if your item can be returned. If not you should not worry but be pleased.