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Online vintage shopping

Doing online vintage shopping is fun. Or it should be. Sometimes you buy too much, it can be hard to keep track. You need to buy from a website you trust. This is because especially with clothes sometimes they come in different sizes. Then you will need to send them back. Sometimes you need to pay your own postage for this. It can work out quite expensive.

It is also good to see if returns are free too. If you do not like an item you might want to send it back and it is good to know how much that will cost. I have bought shoes that were only 5 pounds. But the postage was an extra fiver. Then when they did not fit I had to return to the retailer. It cost me 5 pounds to send them back and they did not refund my postage. So in the end I paid £10 and was left with no shoes.

Sleep on It

Most sites will offer a 14 day policy. Sometimes it can be even longer. So take the time to try things on in your own home. See how it looks indifferent lighting. Try it out in daylight. Try it out in electric light. Don’t go so far House to where it to the disco, but you get the gist. You can also see how it looks with different items in your existing wardrobe. So you could try a new top on with your jeans and see how that looks. Then you can try it with a denim skirt for example and see if that works too. You might also want to try it with different underwear. See if it underwear shows underneath it. Maybe it would fit better with a different bra.

Lots of people find it’s a better shopping experience to be able to try things on at home rather than in a small changing room. You can even order lots of the same item in different sizes. Just send back the ones who do not want. It will mean a trip to the Post Office, But if you save up all the things you want to return you can get it all over with at once. Alternatively some online vintage shopping sites actually have a courier pick things up.

Imagine it

When you are browsing vintage charity shops online try and imagine how things will look before you get them home. You usually four weeks. Try to imagine how on your special find will look when you pair it with accessories. With skill trying to make sure it is practical.

For example consider how a jumper is. You might be looking for a thick jumper for the winter. But if it is not practical it may not be working fine. Or see if a summer dress is just too flimsy. If it is too thin, it might not hang right. You might want to check if you can fit a long sleeved T-shirt underneath the dress. Or if your cardigan will look good on top.