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vintage online shopping sites

Doing your fashion updates via vintage online shopping sites is a different way of doing it. Sometimes it can be fun to do a big shop, forget about it, and see what comes in the mail. It can be exciting. Save it all up and then have a big dress up Saturday when you try everything on together.

Dressing Up for Grownups from vintage online shopping sites

Dressing up is not just for little kids. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that. You find yourself wearing the same uniform day in day out, whether that’s your tried and trusted office outfits, your jeans, or your comfortable jogger bottoms. Live a little! Once in a while, have a look at the internet to see what catches your eye.

Check the headlines to see what’s in style at the moment, then try and match it from what the vintage shopping sites have to offer. Style does come around, and you might find that a little glittery top from the 1970s is just the thing. It will lift your spirits, make you feel fashionable, be a unique choice and probably inexpensive, too.

Just for yourself

And don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy do to go to. Just dress up for yourself. Dress up to take the dog for a walk, to go shopping, or just to sit in the sunshine. It doesn’t have to be anything outrageous, like a ball gown. Just pick a little something that cheers you up, and wear it. Probably, in this weather, anything you wear is going to get covered by scarves, hats and coat but at least you know you are wearing it!

Alternatively, how about an actual scarf, hat or coat? Scarves are a really cheap little cheery update to wet weather clothing. They don’t take up much space and can be found at vintage online shopping sites easily.

Other easy cheerfulness

Accessories are often the way to go to cheer you up in the cold weather. New gloves, or old ones from online vintage shops hats, scarves and jewellery. You probably won’t pay much for these little things and postage will be cheap.

Other options are to dye an existing scarf to brighten it up. Or even a pair of trousers – strip the colour first and then re-dye a cheerful orange or bright red. Look at vintage online shopping sites for inspiration from more colourful eras.

Winter the vintage way

Of course while you are looking for inspiration you might find the perfect piece anyway. Sometimes it’s actually cheaper to buy an original than re-make it. But if the vintage piece you like is damaged, you can combine two vintage clothes to make one new unique one. Maybe by chopping the sleeves off one and sewing on ones from another. Or adding lace to a skirt from an old chemise.

You could make a long-sleeved top into a short-sleeved one, or trousers into shorts. Just hack away and see what happens! If it does not work nothing much is lost.