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Retro costumes – 1930s – 1950s costumes

Anybody who is looking for retro costumes will be happy with the selection in London. There are many vintage shops that can give good retro costume ideas. They will suggest ways to wear them. For example, you can base your costume party on an era. This might be the 1920s. The 1920s are famous for the wildness of parties. The women wore loose, knee-length dresses. The dresses were beaded and embroidered. They came in colours. The women of the 1920s also wore dramatic make up. They wore heavy mascara, eyeshadow, and dark lipstick. Some cut their hair. The fashionable style was a chin length bob. It was called a Dutch boy bob.

Other hairstyles were kept long, but gathered in a bun at the nape of the neck. This imitated a bob, but was not so daring. Over this you could wear a headband, low on the forehead. If you are feeling wild, add an ostrich plume.

1930s retro costumes

1930s parties are more unusual. Women wore more ruffles. Their dresses were more form-fitting and a bit longer than in the 1920s. There was much less embroidery, beading and surface appliqué.

Women liked wearing two piece outfits in the Thirties – a skirt and blouse. The blouse would have ruffles or a detailed collar. The skirt would be plainer, but might have ruffles too. A popular length would be calf length. Shoes had a small heel.

Prints were quite bold, and colours were varied. Some women wore trousers, but this was mainly for the beach. Large sun hats were fashionable.

1940s parties

If you plan on making a 1940s party, the style is Second World War. So you could wear uniforms, like a nurse’s uniform. Women also served in the armed forces. The best retro costumes for this era focus on hair and makeup. Try a Victory Roll, or a peekaboo style. Red lipstick is your friend.

Skirts and blouses were fashionable. But without the ruffles. Skirts were straight. Materials were plain because of war shortages. Colours were quite sober. People tried to buy quite practical clothes. Clothes were rationed. This meant that no-one could buy a lot of them.

1950s parties

For a party you don’t have to be too accurate to an era. This means you can watch films to get costume inspiration. For the 1950s, a lot of people watch Grease the Movie. So full skirts and narrow waists work here. If you get a poodle appliqué skirt that’s fine. Worn with a sweater or tight, long sleeve t-shirt. Capri pants, leggings, ballet flats are also OK. Audrey Hepburn was a big 1950 star, so any of her films. of course, Marilyn Monroe was a star back then too. Looking like Marilyn Monroe could be a goal. Beaded dresses, slinky dresses. Makeup of eyeliner and red lipstick. For a good 1950s effect, think sexy.

Your hair can be in tight waves or a ponytail. You can be a platinum blonde. Try a wig for a total change!