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Vintage shop UK – Shop around, find ones with buried treasure

Checking the internet for the best vintage shop UK right now? Don’t rely on instinct, shop around. Find the one with the buried treasure.

The most mediocre web design – Vintage shop UK

It doesn’t have to be the one with flashy website or slick graphics. Remember that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and dive right in. Lots and lots of photographs will help you to choose an item. Or, just go for a lucky dip. Buy lots of things and hope for the best, if it’s cheap enough.

If it is inexpensive you can just tick all the boxes and buy the lot. No problem. Or you can take the journey by train to see the things in real life. It might take five hours or more. So use the postman instead. He doesn’t mind carrying lots of parcels – it’s his job!

A flashy decision

In fact some of the most sophisticated web sites don’t even open on some browsers. Or they are not good for epileptics. They don’t take into account the needs of minorities. It is good if they are deaf enabled. It helps if the website is easy to read with high contrast. Not yellow text on white.That is hard to read.

But, it is entertaining to make a guess! Prices are usually less when they didn’t pay a web designer or blogger. Once I wrote for a website that was coloured in yellow and purple and I was so embarrassed. I could not show anyone the link.

I told the owner of the site about the dilemma and said she should get a better web designer. Of course, she then revealed that she had designed the web site herself. And purple and yellow were her favourite colours. So then I did not work for her any more.

A colour clash combo

So if you don’t mind the colours with your vintage shop UK (and some people don’t) you can keep getting a good bargain. Otherwise, you will have to put up with higher prices! The no frills idea is just as good.

If this happens in a physical shop, it’s not so good. Visiting a vintage shop London that was purple and yellow wouldn’t be fun. It might give headaches. Or cause depression. Though it is up to the owner how it looks really.

Still some people don’t care and even think it is zany. There is a wise phrase, “each to his own”. This is worth considering when it comes to vintage shops because people who shop there want something out of the norm. They want something a bit different, like them.

Be different but not too much

So they like the environment. Which is good thing. In Berlin they have a lot of shops with strange paint colours. It looks like they bought leftover paint in the sale and just combined it. But people love Berlin. They keep taking pictures of it and going there. They like the vibe, and why shouldn’t they.