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Vintage shops UK – Find out more about them

Fruity prints and flowery prints are all the rage at vintage shops UK and other stockists. They are a perennial favourite and many changes can be wrung out of them. Colour ways, size and scale can be changed to make the most out of the idea. In addition, the prints can be cheerfully printed onto many different fabrics. One idea is to put it on chintz and a t-shirt to match. Then you will have a cute flowery skirt and summer look.

Fruit and flowers to decorate yourself from Vintage shops UK

Carmen Miranda famously loved the combination but you don’t need to have a basket of melons on your head to participate. Nor do you need a banana skirt like Josephine Baker. A necklace with fruits will suffice, or a lovely fruit print. Many classical painters have painted still lives with fruit as the theme. It indicates fecundity or the mortality of life. It can also be an indication of the richness of the patron. Prints of these famous paintings are going to be online in a vintage store UK and you can frame them yourself. You can also pick a suitably over the top vintage frame. Add a collage of fruit and flowers or frame them with seashells for a crafty effect.

Seashell frame

Next time you go to the seaside, collect some pretty shells. When you get home you can design them overlapping into a shell design. It can frame a snapshot of your day on the beach. Take a photo of you, your friends and animals and design the colour around them. Then you can give it as gifts for Christmas or Easter. You can also collect seaweed, which is healthy. Glue it onto the design. Use it as an idea for the print as well.

A mermaid themed wedding

If you are feeling unconventional why not go for a mermaid theme when you get wed? It is particular;y romantic for the bride to have a bare chest area. She can also wear a tail. The groom can go as a merman or lobster. The guests should dress as fish. You can have fun dressing up in sequins or in head-dresses of rope which you get from the vintage shop where you live. Sometimes they are full of suggestions and can tell you what theme to have.

A vintage marriage

There is something lovely about wearing a dress that many others have worn before you, It is full of history. Find one that was worn by Marilyn Monroe or an unknown woman. Maybe it was your grandmother. Hopefully she is the same size as you or bigger. Then you can have it tailored. If Marilyn Monroe or your grandmother has not got a spare dress, you can get one from one of the many vintage shops uk you pass. Look for traditional colour schemes, like white or ecru. Beige, dusty pink or purple are more colours for the bridesmaids. They do not get a choice about what they wear because it it your special day. And what a marvelous day it is. I think everyone was proud and the accessories looked great.

A 1920s Do

Even if you are not getting married you can just have a party and pretend that you are. It is not difficult to do. You can either use real vintage accessories found in vintage shops uk or some new ones. Just use 1920s things like headbands, ostrich feathers and ribbons. Wild turkeys or geese can also be a delightful feature just like bunny rabbits are. The best thing to do is to gaze on magazines and then decide. Pin butterflies i your hair and swathe it in tulle. Make your own wedding dress from a piece of fabric. The most important thing is the shoes, which you won’t find anywhere else. Try to have feet small enough to fit into vintage shoes, which are available everywhere vintage shops uk are.

Shoes for old-fashioned feet

If your shoe size is quite small, you will fit vintage shoes. Like Cinderella, try to have little feet. In the old days women did not have big feet. So old-fashioned shoes, as well as gloves, are tiny and narrow. Probably it is a better idea to just wear copies anyway. Just like you would not eat an eighteenth century biscuit, but follow he recipe faithfully for  a new batch, so you should make a new shoe, not wear that first one. Regularly popular are Mary Jane shoes with a t strap. Cuban heels are a vintage style that is popular too. Go dancing in silver gold kitten heels with glitter, or red patent leather pumps. Nobody could argue with that.

Boots that are loved

At the moment is a trend for boots from vintage shops that are leather. But you can spark an interest by punching holes or adding your own ribbons. It’s true that a little quirkiness goes a long way so just add your stamp, the impact is tremendous. If you are feeling vulnerable stride out in high heels. It is important if you are sad to put on eyeliner, blusher and lipstick will be your best friend. Paint your face for the greater glory. And glorious you will be. Do’t get one tested on animals though, it’s just not worth it. About twenty-nine days later you will see the difference and feel it in our skin.

Beauty is not just from within

To make sure that you put your most lovely face together, wash it every day. The next day you can wash it too. Go on like this until you are clean. Then, add a face mask. Put dew drops in your eyes and polish your teeth. The foundation is important. Glorify and paint, add glitter and glow. Shimmer towards your perfect self. Nobody with sense likes a miserable pants. So go ahead and look your best. Eschew plastic surgery but don’t forget to look healthy. It is the best you can do.