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Vintage fashion blogs – A big part of fashion

Vintage and retro style has become a big part of fashion over the past few years. Vintage fashion is incorporated into current trends and designers take influences from previous decades to design current collections. For many years society has looked to national media outlets to provide them with fashion trends and celebrity inspiration. Today fashion blogs have given an outlet for individual style and personal reviews on brands and trends. With the popularity in vintage fashion rising, this has influenced people’s style choice with vintage fashion blogs gaining traction when choosing vintage clothing. Vintage fashion blogs offer readers everything from vintage outfit inspiration, inspiration for current trends, vintage fashion reviews and personal reviews.

Vintage fashion blogs have given people the chance to look into why people love vintage fashion clothing and the lifestyle. This small insight offers invaluable style ideas and reasons why buying vintage fashion is a special and important decision. In today’s society, people are always looking to get value for money. Vintage fashion blogs give you a chance to see how to buy affordable clothing that will last for many seasons. It also gives readers the chance to learn about previous decades in fashion, the history of trends and why particular styles shaped the industry. It is also a great way to learn why vintage and retro fashion plays an important part of sustainable living and eco-friendly fashion.

Many people have taken on a vintage lifestyle including everything from vintage clothing to vintage interiors. Vintage fashion blogs have helped everyone who loves this lifestyle get inspired with the best ways to live a vintage life. Whether that’s from a particular decade or highlights from particular trends. There is something for everyone and each vintage fashion blog offers a personal insight to the vintage lifestyle.

 Vintage fashion blogs and social media

Social media has given vintage fashion the perfect avenue to display its unique and individual style. Vintage fashion blogs can share everything instantly with the thousands of followers around the world and target specific people with promotions and inspiring adverts. This type of media also offers the perfect chance to interact with an audience. There is the opportunity to share videos and content and also spark up conversation with people on a range of topics. Vintage fashion blogs give people a chance to voice their opinions and discuss why they love vintage and their ideas on styling. Sharing images and videos via platforms such as YouTube or Instagram give vintage fashion bloggers and brands an opportunity to showcase a range of reviews, fashion outfits, trends and opinion pieces with the chance for the audience to get involved with likes, comments and conversation.

Vintage fashion blogs take a variety of forms including:

 Brand vintage fashion blogs

There are lots of vintage boutiques and vintage inspired brands in market today. These vintage fashion blogs offer a great way to see what clothing and accessories are on offer but also an insight to a brand’s persona. Vintage shops and boutiques can give you up to date news and reviews on particular trends, what items they have in stock and why they love sourcing and selling vintage fashion for their customers. Blogs have given brands a new and vibrant lease of life with behind the scenes insight from merchandising displays, styling fashion shoots and favourite picks of the day or week etc. It also offers you a personal approach to shopping as you feel like you’ve already stepped foot in a shop thanks to social media and blogging. It’s also great way to see the team behind the brand too.

Lifestyle blogs

Many people have taken vintage living to the next level and vintage fashion blogs show us how to style retro clothing in everyday life. These blogs offer an insight to everything vintage from clothing choices to interior styling. There are tons of ideas offered on these blogs and helpful tips on where and how to buy vintage without it looking like your grannies house (unless that’s what you’re going for). Vintage interiors are another popular lifestyle choice with people opting for a totally vintage inspired home whilst others opt for small vintage style inspirations to add a touch of individuality to modern styling.

Another great way vintage fashion blogs inspire fashion choices is through showing how vintage is a sustainable and eco-friendly clothing option. Many people have started to think about where and how things are made before purchasing them and vintage is a great way to learn how your purchasing habits affect the planet. Vintage offers a way of recycling and reviving old fashion in current trends.

 Fashion history blogs

Another type of vintage blog offers an education into the history of fashion. Vintage fashion history blogs gives an insight to past times including everything from how fashion has evolved and why fashion was so important to a country’s commerce and trade. The history of fashion and how trends and styles were formed play an important part in how we view fashion today. Learning about these interesting times, gives us knowledge and appreciation on why vintage is a beautiful and inspirational part of fashion. History also gives inspiration to current fashion designers who often take influences from previous trends and decades. They also offer insight to vintage fashion icons including inspiring fashion models, designers and trends.

 Future impact

Fashion blogs in all forms has seen popularity increase ten fold in recent years. Vintage living has also taken centre stage for many fashion lovers as they incorporate vintage fashion into all aspects of day and evening wear. Vintage fashion blogs are evolving as fast as fashion changes offering latest news, trend updates and individual style options at the click of a button. Many brands will continue to flourish as vintage becomes a part of everyday living and its importance and popularity rise with consumer interest. Vintage fashion blogs have become a part of the increasing world of online content and help to capture and create a stylish and innovative view of life.