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Latest Products

Our Latest Products are the very best that vintage online stores can offer in styles and current trends .

We have our fingers on the pulse of what everyone’s wearing in vintage fashion right now.

What looks are trending, which styles are popular?

All our latest vintage clothes online reflect the best of current fashion trends.


The selection – Always your choice

We offer a great selection in the best of classic 20th century vintage fashion clothes. Whether it’s classic vintage fashion clothing or current retro inspired street trends, you’ll find it at Blue17. So take a look at the latest arrivals in our online store for a continuously updated supply. Shop from the best unique retro vintage clothing and accessories.

1930 to 1999  – Discover wearable retro vintage clothing

Our latest products are easy to find on our site. Vintage shops online are a convenient way shop vintage clothing and find your favourite looks, simply select the categories that appeal and you will find all the latest items that have come in. This way, by checking regularly you can get first dibs on all the latest arrivals. Make sure you get the very best from our original selection for your vintage wardrobe as soon as they come in. There is an original and extensive selection from 1930 to the 1990s.

The range  –  Everything you’d expect in quality vintage

Choose from parkas and exquisite vintage clutch bags to military bags and hoodies. In fact, just about everything you can think of really that we source for you so you don’t have to. You can just check out our latest products and if you don’t find anything here, just check out the rest of our categories in the drop down list at the top of the page. It’s all here and especially chosen for our increasing vintage fans who all have a discerning taste.

For example – Leather jackets & sportswear

A leather jacket is always a versatile choice for any outfit.We have a great new selection of leather jackets in our latest product section. If you’re going casual you can create a really authentic look carefully choosing from the different cuts for different decades. Our retro sportswear range and hooded tracksuit tops are the perfect accessories to your gym visits. These give a classic, sharp vintage look that still manages to look so fresh. Take a look around our vintage latest products and see what takes your fancy.

 Vintage wear – always  unique

Fashion fads come and go, but with online vintage fashion you’ll always get something classic that will last.So take your time and have a good look at the quality and choice one of the finest online vintage shops can offer you.