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Fashion Blogs -The New Medium of Fashion

Over the past five years, fashion blogs have become an inspirational tool for consumer purchasing habits. In previous years people have turned to fashion magazines to get ideas for the latest trends but we now have many others mediums to explore. Fashion blogs have given purchases a personality.  Each fashion blog features a range of exciting topics You can find everything from fashion reviews, outfit inspiration, trend updates and helpful advice.

Unlike fashion magazines, fashion blogs give a multi-dimensional aspect to buying clothing and accessories. For many consumers, considering an opinion or review before buying something is an important part of the purchasing process. We always look to get the best value and aspect of a given item whether it’s for new clothing or advice on the latest trends. We love getting a feel for how something will look or feel and turning to blogs is a helpful tool. It’s also a great talking point for articles that discuss how to create particular looks from current trends or styling vintage looks. They also offer ways to complement the look with a variety of makeup and hairstyles.

Inspirational talking points

Fashion blogs have gained traction and industry acclaim over the past few years.  These inspirational talking points give ordinary people the chance to get an insight to the fashion elite. Some fashion bloggers have been invited to top fashion events, in turn offering a first hand viewpoint from front row catwalk positions. Fashion blogs are updated on a regular basis giving readers an up to date and current view from the writer.  Many people also feel a connection with these blogs as these mediums create a personal and friendly approach to an industry very much reserved to the A-listers and big names.

From a fashion brands point of view, fashion blogs offer the chance to advertise to a wider audience.  Specifically to people who want to see fashion and style choices of a blogger. Adverts placed on influential fashion blogs offer insight to an audience with a dedicated following and interest.

Fashion blogs and social media

Fashion blogs

Photo Credit – Bea Serendipity


Social media is another medium for the expression of an interest in fashion.  They complement fashion blogs perfectly reaching hundreds and thousands of people in an instant. Fashion content can be shared and viewed in several countries, in different languages and enjoyed by all.  They also offer the chance to interact and join conversations about fashion and the importance of the industry to different cultures and people.

Some fashion blogs started from social platforms such as Instagram and give an insight in imagery to the everyday life of some of the most influential fashion lovers. Photography has become an integral part in a fashion blogs content production with blogs offering look books and special fashion shoots dedicated to trend insight.  Many also offer their personal style choices whilst some also provide advertisers a slot to promote brands and style.

Fashion Style blogs and web-zines take a variety of forms including:

Personal style blogs

Personal style blogs

Personal style blogs


These style blogs are great for getting a personal insight into a fashion lover’s life. They feature a range of inspirational topics, many with lots if aspiring photography. If you’re looking to get a first hand review or advice on the latest trends, these blogs are an ideal point of call. They discuss several personal style choices and how different looks can work for a variety of occasions. Features on fashion reviews look at how to style clothing and accessories.  They also help us make decisions on what trends work well for a variety of body shapes and sizes.

Industry fashion blogs

There are several industry fashion blogs that provide useful insight into the industry.  They offer top fashion news from designer fashion houses and fashion events around the globe. Industry fashion blogs give up to date news on a range of topics including brand updates, fashion week events, and celebrity style and fashion culture. These sites are useful tools when researching the industry and offer advice and opinion on trends and style. Well-known industry insiders have regular features including designers, fashion journalists and talented creatives all contributing inspiring words and conversation.

Luxury fashion blogs

Although you may think fashion bloggers that post about luxury items are only followed by those that can afford such items, you’d be surprised at the interaction with those on a lower budget.  Luxury items may sometimes appear inaccessible to the likes of ordinary people yet many people aspire to own luxury items or influential brands. These fashion blogs offer an insight to the accessibility of luxury brands and the style choices of the people that can afford them. There are many inspirational mood boards, fashion shoots and look books that create an allure to luxury fashion items despite the sometimes hefty price tag.

Design blogs

Future designers have tapped into the use of fashion blogs to showcase their fantastic designs. It is a great way to share new collections and updates on the industry and how their labels are evolving.  They can share everything with a global audience and utilise social media to encourage interaction from interested followers. Fashion week is also a great way to offer inside coverage and backstage gossip from the designer, fashion models and all of the team behind these spectacular shows.

Future impact of fashion blogs

Blogs about fashion and influential online fashion magazines have flourished in recent years and we see many bloggers in fashion campaigns and advertorials in current brand advertising. also are upping the game with incredible style and insight to this creative industry.In modern society news travels fast and we always want to read the latest and hottest news whatever industry interests you. Fashion is no exception, whether it’s the latest collections from the biggest designers or offers on well-known brands, we all want this first hand knowledge as it happens.Fashion bloggers are evolving their blogs quickly and innovatively, offering readers the chance to capture the lives and fashion advice from influential and ordinary fashion lovers.