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Vintage costumes for women

When you need some vintage costumes for women look in a retro store. If someone says they are having a vintage costume party don’t panic. Ask them what sort of vintage women’s costumes they mean?

1960s celebration with Vintage costumes for women

If the theme of the party is the 1960s, then you are in luck. The Sixties was a fun era, and your clothes can show this.

1960s hair and makeup

The sixties are famous for the beehive hairdo. To achieve this, you need lots of back combing. You will need a lot of hair spray. You will also need patience. When it is done, add a cute bow at the front. Make up wise, eyeliner is key. It can be exaggerated, like Amy Winehouse’s. Lipstick should be pale for this look. Sugary pink or nude. You can also let your hair down, long and free. Wear no makeup at all. Some hippies did this. They did not even wash their hair, or themselves for that matter. Maybe that is going too far, just for a party though!

Some women in the 1960s had short, curled hair. The look was cute. It was soft, with a fringe. It was a more feminine look. But most women wore their hair long. Jackie O was one of the most famous women of the 1960s. Her hair was styled in a long bob, with a fringe brushed to one side. She used a bit of backcombing for height. It was always stiff and immaculate. You can see that she used a whole can of hairspray.

Jackie O style

Looking at vintage costumes for women you might want to recreate Jackie O’s look. Jackie was not allowed to wear French designers, in case he seemed disoyal to her country. So she had authorized copies of French classics made by her dressmaker. Did you know that the suit that she was wearing when her husband was killed was not, in fact Chanel? It was a copy. The bright pink suit is very memorable. However, unless you want to wear it splashed with fake blood and are in fact looking for vintage Halloween costumes for women it might be better to pick another of her iconic outfits. She likes structured skirt suits in block colours. She often went for bold colours like fuchsia or scarlet. Sometimes her outfit was pastel yellow, baby blue or gentle pink though.

Hippy Styles of the 1960s

It is really easy and fun to pick hippy clothes. You can wear a mix of things like flared jeans, old t shirts and jerkins over the top. Hippies liked suede waistcoats with fringes. They liked cowboy boots too. Sometimes they wore long skirts to the floor, and Indian bracelets and beads. A 1960s hippy might wear anything from a suit to total nudity.

Like Verushka the famous model, you could go totally nude to a costume party, wearing only body paint. This outfit takes  some guts to wear. But it will definitely break the ice. Everybody will be talking about you.