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Mens vintage coats

Mens vintage coats help to complete a look that transcends any current fashion styles with good quality vintage coats for men that are in excellent condition.

Finalise the style with a good quality vintage Men’s coat in all the styles- take a look around.

As with all our vintage stock, our men’s coats are well abundantly stocked with plenty of different styles and eras to choose from.


We ensure that all our stock is of good quality before it goes on sale, so you get a quality purchase that will be durable and functional as well as stylish.

Whatever coat you’re looking for, whether it’s to finish off a particular look from a particular decade, or simply finish off your outfit – we’ll have something that does the trick.

Our versatile selection of coats are ones that can be chosen simply for their style and cut, it doesn’t have to be for a vintage ensemble.

Trench, Pea coat or classic style – It’s your choice

Coats are often chosen for their particular style because that was the look of an era that’s never lost its classic cut and is still coveted today.

It’s that kind of coat that’s replicated and copied over the years – but why settle for retro copies when you can have the real thing?

From herringbone wool to denim, from double breasted to single, our coats are well made and classically cut for a look that never fails to make a statement.

You may want a classic zipped up bomber jacket or a khaki coloured military style jacket. Perhaps a wool coat with contrasting colour is your thing or maybe you fancy a trench.Look around and take your time, there’s no rush.

Blue17 are here all the time, if not in store, certainly online whenever you’re in the mood to shop. Our vintage Men’s coats section is bound to impress.