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Online shopping vintage

The easiness of online shopping vintage clothes is what attracts many people to it. Snatching breaks between work, or a long insomniac session at night means never going out in the cold. It can all get delivered to your door.

Do’s and Don’t of internet shopping

When you are shopping online, always look for a trusted site. If you are not sure, don’t buy. Look for a shop that handles payments through third party sites. That way you are likely to get your money back. You can also use a big auction site like ebay. They have rules in place about getting your money back. Sometimes if an item doesn’t arrive you can have a refund. But make sure that you contact the site. They may be able to explain.

Looking for good vintage shops online isn’t hard. Just go to the search engine. Many sites have reviews and you can see how others rated them. This is invaluable. People can tell you if they thought the goods were well packed. They can comment if they came quickly. They can also tell you if they found them to be a good price. Other people will also comment if the item was good quality or if there were any faults not mentioned.

Check their rating

So do take note of what other people say. Commentators are often thorough and will mention things you never even thought of. David, four example, say if colour was what they were expecting. Sometimes the colour you see on a website is not the same as the one you receive. It can be this is because of your computer settings. But if it is really different to what you were expecting, why not leave a review yourself. That way other people can benefit from your experience. Don’t be shy! The website will appreciate your honesty.

Many people really rely on website ratings before they make purchase. So equally, don’t be mean. If you are over critical it may affect somebody’s business. So always think of that before you leave your rating.

Having said that, many online shopping vintage websites are a delight to shop from. Usually now they include some very high-quality photographs. They will show the item from the back, front, left and right. They might also include a close-up of the fabric. The website might even have a video of somebody wearing the item. That’s way you can see if it will suit you or not.

Look at the postage

When you do a vintage online shop make sure to check postage. That allows you like and think it’s really cheap could work out more than you were expecting. If there is a free option, make sure that the box is checked. Sometimes you think you are getting free postage when you’re not. Sometimes the offer for free shipping is only if you spend above a certain amount. So work out the true price of the item before you buy. Don’t get caught out!