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8 Vintage Designer Labels to Add to Your Collection

8 Vintage Designer Labels to Add to Your Collection

For many, owning and wearing a piece of clothing adorning the hottest designer name is something to aspire to. The alluring sentiment of luxury clothing and the thrill of showcasing the beauty of such pieces is something many people desire. This need runs deeper than the aesthetics of a fashion piece. The emotion that is stirred when wearing vintage designer labels captures the essence of why fashion is so important to everyday living. Even with fast fashion steaming ahead, in today’s society designer labels still hold a prominent place in the fashion industry and are looked at in a very different light.

Aside from the modern designers showcasing at fashion weeks throughout the globe. Many vintage fashion labels still exist and are more desirable than ever. We take a look at some of the best vintage designer labels to add to your wardrobe and that truly represent investment fashion pieces.

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Top fashion models - 1920s - 1990s

Top fashion models – 1920s – 1990s

Top fashion models from the  – 1920s – 1990s

Fashion models became an iconic part of the fashion industry long before the days of social media and the 90s supermodel. In the early 1850s one of the first ever fashion models, Marie Augustine Vernet, wife of Charles Frederick Worth considered by most as the ‘father of haute couture’ modelled his collections instead of using the traditional mannequin. Vernet paved the way for the ‘live model’ and the evolution of this iconic figure in the industry started to evolve. Well-known and acclaimed models span many decades. There are several fashion models – 1920s – 1990s that have influenced generations whilst as astounding the profession with their success.

In modern society, fashion models do not just stand around looking pretty. They represent a lucrative advertising opportunity. Showcasing everything from clothing to perfume to what you eat. Fashion models showcase a lifestyle, offering inspiration and influence. Take a look at some of the top fashion models from the roaring twenties all the way to the supermodel era of the 1990s.

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Mens Vintage Fashion Photo shoot - Hugo low - Hugo low-101

Blue17 Mens Vintage Fashion Photo shoot – By Tom Morgan

Blue17 Mens Vintage Fashion Photo shoot  – March 2017

Back in March this year we got together with the talented Tom Morgan – at M-RGAN Photography for a themed Mens vintage fashion photo shoot in London.

With an urban theme, taken in black and white, and in colour, the photos were taken in various locations around North Greenwich, in London.Thomas used a Canon Camera 6D.Hugo is a model signed to SUPA Model Management.

Selected vintage mens clothing

Modeled by Hugo, the clothes for the shoot came from the Blue17 store on Holloway road and included a gunmetal blue Levi’s jacket, Blue 501 jeans, Lee sand coloured cotton denim shirt and last but not least a 80s Motley Crue vintage Tee shirt.



Clothes – Blue17

Shoes – Models own

Images credits – M-RGAN Photography