Vintage Capes

Try vintage capes to give you that authentic WW II look!

Vintage capes and ponchos can add a new dimension to any wardrobe

Vintage capes have no end to the celebrity attached to them. Who wouldn’t remember Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s caped detective Sherlock Holmes of the 1880’s fame. The tweed overcoat, made famous by Holmes, has since inspired various other legendary characters.

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This is probably the most famous Cecil Beaton photograph of models wearing Charles James gowns. Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Charles James – Incredible Couturiers

Charles James – Incredible Couturiers

Charles James is a surprisingly controversial figure in fashion. Some say he was a genius, even a tortured one, and others say he wasn’t all that. Some say that his gowns created goddesses out of women, but for others, his fashion was a massive step back for women’s rights.

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80s Shell Suit Tops

Clothing style comeback: Resurgence of 80s shell suit tops

Our love for casual wear and sporty comfort has fueled the growing popularity of 80s shell suit tops

Back when everyone clamored to be fashionable in sportswear, 80s shell suit tops were born. Even if you weren’t particularly “sporty”, chances are that you owned a shell suit top – just to keep up with your friends. In fact, sporting one of those suits, it made you look like you worked out – even though you never really did!

When the 80s happened, shell tops and suits were the rave. From sports fans and professional sports teams, to celebrities and “cool kids” – everybody had to own one! But there came a time, in the late 1990’s and the 2000’s, when you had to put yours away, because it was no longer “hip” to be seen wearing one of those.

Guess what? They’re back…and making a splash!

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1950s skirts from Blue17vintage

1950s skirts – Ideal to give you that chic retro look

Going for that retro look just got easier with 1950s skirts and matching tops

Nothing is more flattering to a woman, than when she looks in the mirror and sees her perfect figure reflected back – and that’s the power that 1950s skirts bring to your wardrobe! And to put a final touch to the ensemble, a well chosen accessory, like a paired sweater or matching top, will add just that extra zing to your look.

The 1950s women’s fashion was crowned by fashion icons like Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. And if there’s one single item that was universal amongst their wardrobes, it was their 1950s skirts!

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