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Online vintage shops uk

The range of fashion to be found in Online vintage shops uk

Fashionistas all over the world use online vintage shops uk to get their fashion fix. Too many people like fashion from every era. They look on the internet because from the internet, you will find as many styles as there are minutes in the day, from every year of the 20th century.

1920s style

Experts in the 1920s styles use Online vintage shops uk because they might find a rare item from exactly the year they are looking at, like 1921. They can tell which year an item is from by the way it is made and the materials used. If you like flapper style, you can search online and fin hats, bags, dresses and shoes that suit you. As well as this jewellery and fans, gloves and stockings are important relics from the era. You will find menswear and womens wear, as well as children’s wear. Some kids clothes from the Twenties are remade from adult dresses or from older siblings clothes.

1930s clothes

When people think of the 1930s, they often draw a blank. I know I am right now. In the 1930s, America was under an economic depression and Britain was not much better. By the end of the 1930s Britain was at war. This was the second world war. Women wore trousers and practical jumpers. These can be found in good online vintage shops uk when you look. 1930s styles were not just about hairy jumpers though, before this happened clothes had moved on from flapper style dresses to longer skirts, often cut on the bias. Flounces and frills predominated, with interesting buttons. Collars and cuffs were creatively cut. Colours like pastels, mint green and baby blue were popular for their femininity, but so were bold patterns. These were often in the form of florals but could have animals on as well, or fruits, trees, or even cars.

1940s clothes

In the 1940s styles didn’t change much because of the war. People tried their best to make what they already had last longer. This was called making do and mending. They fixed clothes that had holes in. Even shoes were patched up, resoled or had new leather put on. Knitting was popular and women knitted clothes for army men. Stockings and corsets were bad quality and fell apart quickly. Women were told to look good to keep their spirits up but this was often hard. Makeup was scarce. Women only used lipstick and face powder mostly but even that started running low, so they made their own. They could stain their lips with berry juice or beetroot juice. They could pinch their cheeks or bite their lips to make them glow. They wore layers to keep warm.

Working styles

Many women started working for the first time and they needed to wear smart suits for offices. Others found themselves working in factories and wore overalls. After the war they stopped working and went back to being wives and mothers. Some kept their jobs because so many men had died. But they found it hard to find someone to look after the kids. Children’s wear was often made at home in this time. The mothers knitted the clothes or sewed them. Many women had sewing machines. Sometimes you can find vintage children’s clothes when doing your shopping in Online vintage shops uk.

1950s clothes

In the 1950s the teenager was born. The teenager needed new clothes like sweaters and swirly skirts. You can find 1950s teen styles in online vintage shops uk everywhere. Tastes began to change and skirts got shorter again. There was a bit more money around and since wartime rationing had been lifted more material to make things with. Nobody worried any more. They enjoyed wearing ponytails and sundresses. They liked dancing and showing off their knickers. The boys wore fun clothes too. Sweater girls wore tight jumpers, or cardigans. Bras became pointy. Prints were more amusing than ever before. They came in different clashing colours. Evening dresses with an hourglass figure were popular. The shape was made with a tight corset. Man made materials like rayon were the new thing.

1960s clothes

By the 1960s, clothing had begun to be mass manufactured and cost much less. There were even experiments in deliberately disposable clothes, like paper dresses. Paper knickers were also manufactured for holidays. These were not actually paper but made of cellulose. They were printed on with advertising slogans. Space age fashions were all the rage. The favourite colours were white and silver. A child like look also prevailed. Babyish pinks and blues were made of babydoll dress and Mary jane shoes. Models became very slim. Looking at vintage shopping online will reveal these styles.

1970s clothes

Everybody knows that 1970s clothes were all about flared trousers. Also known as bell bottoms, they were worn by men and women and my dad. They came in all colours of the rain bow and different fabrics. Jeans were flared but also tweed suits. They were made in corduroy and other fabrics. To go with this you could wear a nylon blouse and a wide tie. It was called a kipper tie. Ethnic styles were also popular as people tired to prove they were groovy.

1980s clothes

In the 1980s clothes were even more fun. People like Jane Fonda made sportswear and leotards popular. 1980s people wore tracksuits and headbands, shell suits and shorts. Shoulder pads were huge and hair was even bigger. It was called a power look, to make women look more like men and therefore powerful. Powerful women were sexy. They wore bright red underwear to prove it. TV shows like Dynasty shows how women dressed in those days. They wore lots of big jewellery to go with every thing else. If you did not want to wear a power suit or some sportswear you could wear a side ponytail. Some people had short hair. They liked mohair batwing jumpers and bracelets over leggings. Then they added branded trainers and leg warmers.