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Vintage boutiques online

Shopping for clothes online should be easy and vintage boutiques online make it straightforward. No two vintage clothes are alike and that’s what makes them special. If you calculate that a brand might have made fifty of a particular dress back in 1978, in the intervening forty years you would be lucky if two of them survived, and only one escaped back on to the market. In addition, it’s unlikely that even if there were some around, they would be in your town. However even if you went out wearing exactly the same dress as someone else’s 1978 number, I think you should celebrate. It would probably make you soul twins.

The art of twinning with Vintage boutiques online

There have been some absolutely beautiful photographs of good friends, lovers or sisters who like to dress alike. Twin sisters who were dressed the same in childhood often can’t wait to get away and dress completely differently, but sometimes they keep dressing that way right into their 90s or beyond. There is also something sweet about couples who can’t help adopting the same wardrobe. You will see them in his n hers or hers and hers matching cream cashmere swearers and dark jeans, or anoraks and trekking boots. I suppose you spend so much time with a person that you compare notes on what you like and persuade yourselves that these clothes are the bees knees. It’s better to just go with it. After all, it’s beautiful that you’re so in harmony with someone.

Dog fashion

But sometimes people look like their dogs. This is not sinister, but only a little humorous. You see the women with long blond hair and long faces who resemble afghan hounds. Or ladies with short fluffy curly hair which is white and round faces. A moment later after them will come trotting their Bichon Frise. I know a man with vigour black curly hair and a spaniel with just the same hair. Perhaps it is not the actual owners who look like the dog, but only the hairstyle. A moustachioed schnauzer who goes around with a grey moustachioed gentleman. People sometimes choose the same coat for their dog as themselves, or at least in the same colour. Actual fashion for dogs, as in collars and coats, has really exploded lately.

Diamond Dogs

Although there was a mention in a Nancy Mitford book of a count who dressed his whippets in diamonds. I don’t think they were custom-made doggy necklaces though, but made initially for humans. According to the book, they suited their long elegant necks exceedingly well though. If you are lucky, vintage online boutiques may have dog fashion. It is so cute to dress your dog in a bright yellow rain mac and then get one for each of your children, don’t you think?

Aristocratic cats

Of course, cats have long been the most aristocratic creatures around and people often decorate them, too. A search of vintage boutiques online will give you cat costumes aplenty. You might want to dress as a cat, in order to absorb some of his splendour. Cat ears are supposed to be cute, and you can get full articulated cat tails. You can even get a large rough tongue that you strap to your chin to lick your cat with. Some people think this is taking things too far though. On Monday you could put on cat ears. On Tuesday add the tail. On Wednesday put a collar and bell on yourself. On Thursday put on kitty slippers. On Friday Kitty Gloves. On Saturday do your make up: large feline eyes and a cute black nose. On Sunday you will have turned into a cat so gradually that no-one noticed.

Bunny Ears

Any playboy bunny worth her cotton tail will tell you how empowering it is to become another animal for the day. You simply adapt to the mannerisms of that creature. If you are a bunny you will largely want to live underground and be worried about loud noises. At sunset you can emerge to nibble on some grass. You won’t find grass in a vintage boutique online but you may find a bunny print t shirt. Rabbits are cute and the basis of many clothes prints. You could find a nice 1950s dress with an animal print all over it. Or a t-shirt from the 1990s with a large rabbit head. The shape is easily recognisable. It was a frequent motif in feudal Japan.

Keep going

Fashion history is all about repetition and enlargement. Film history is littered with such examples too. Some films give you such a sense of deja vu, meaning already seen. This is because you literally feel like you saw the film already. Car chase followed by shouting followed by some drama scene. Areas of countryside and then something happens. It is hard to look for a film where that doesn’t happen. More peaceful film is few and far between. maybe then you are talking about a period drama, but even they are full of battles and peculiarities. To recreate a period drama, look in vintage boutiques online for clothes. Perhaps you like to wear tight breeches or a bonnet. Pick your era and reenact it. You could be any of the Bronte sisters if you like, with Branwell their brother. For this you will need a Yorkshire accent.

Bronte Country

A print dress can be added to the mix and you will get it at bricks and mortar vintage stores and vintage boutiques online with some luck. However the luckless can make their own. Get about three metres of fabric and some sewing thread. The Bronte sisters may have made their dresses by hand but you can use a sewing machine. it’s easy to look mid-Victorian. Charlotte Bronte was quite short, but you can be any height. Victorians did not wear much makeup. It is debated what the Bronte sisters really looked like, though there are photographs. But you can make your own mind up. Look at the facts.