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Rock 70s shirts UK style for your next Fancy Dress Party

August 22, 2019

Give 70s shirts UK style a spin at your fancy dress costume party and pair your 70s shirt with iconic 70s items for a top-to-toe look that screams Saturday Night Fever! 


70s shirts UK style are perfect for your next fancy dress costume party or just to rock a 70s shirt in your everyday life as you incorporate the timeless trends and styles of 70s shirts UK style into your current fashion repertoire.

70s shirts UK style as fancy dress costume


If you are looking for 70s shirt ideas to rock your next 1970s fancy dress costume party, read on for a ton of great ideas to have a great party look ala 1970s!


Fashion photo ad, 1970s

Fashion photo ad, 1970s


  • 1970s Hippie fancy dress costumes:


70s shirts UK style that embodied the hippie vibe of that decade were all about bright colours, swirling patterns, Native American motifs, loose-fitting cuts, peasant styles with tassels and cut outs and lots of fringe on everything.


Grab yourself some 70s shirts UK style fashioned on the hippie look and enjoy a comfortable outfit that is cool and easy to wear, does not show off a lot of skin, suitable for both men and women and flattering to all shapes and figures.


Finish off your hippie style fancy dress costume with flared jeans, a faux leather headband, plenty of new-age beads around your neck and peace symbols wherever you can add them.


  • Flared Pants to go with 70s shirts UK style


No 70s shirt fancy dress costume would be complete without a coordinated pair of flared pants in vintage fabrications or tried-and-true blue denim.

Flared pants or bell-bottoms were worn by both men and women with their favourite 70s shirt and the bigger the flare, the better!


Bright colours, floral or geometric patterns, flare insets in contrasting prints and fabrics and classic blue jeans with broad studded belts were just some of the ways that 70s shirts UK style were embellished with flared pants, so make sure you include a pair in your 1970s fancy dress costume.


  • 70s shirts UK style with Rocker Glam:


Another iconic trend to rock from the 1970s is the rocker glam look, which was epitomized by skin-fitting lycra and spandex pants, suits and jumpsuits, platform heels for both guys and gals and lots of big hair.


Look for jumpsuits emblazoned with sparkle and in bright colours, then layer a jazzy 70s shirt underneath to amplify the look.   Be inspired by 1970s fashion worn by icons like Mick Jagger, David Bowie and other rock stars of that decade.


Or pair 70s shirts UK style with plenty of ruffles with lycra or spandex leggings underneath for a look that is both sexy and comfortable and can actually rock your everyday world, beyond that fancy dress costume.


  • 70s shirts UK style with frills, ruffles and more:


For your fancy dress outfit from the 1970s, go for 70s  style shirts with plenty of ruffles down the front, frills on the collars and cuffs and in flattering pastel shades that can be worn by anyone.


70s shirts UK style are all about form-fitting button-downs with exaggerated large collars worn popped or flat, tucked into classic bell-bottom jeans in pale blue washes, and finished with wide belts with metal studs or Western-style cut outs.



Rock 70s shirts UK style for your next Fancy Dress Party

70s shirts

  • Punk rock fancy dress options:


Channel the retro-chic punk rock style from the 1970s for your next fancy dress costume party.


The punk rock look hit the UK in the middle of the 1970s and became the uniform of rebels everywhere.    Picture 70s shirts UK style in flannel, tartan or plaid checks, paired with ripped denims and Doc Martins, and finished with metal chains as edgy accessories.


Make your own fancy dress punk rock costume by taking a pair of old jeans and ripping them up even more, then turning them inside out and stitching tartan fabric squares behind the rips.  Then finish those jeans off with big safety pins on each side of the rips, to which you can attach some metal chains.


Rock your 70s shirts UK style the same way, by ripping up some holes in sleeves and torso, then layering plaid or flannel patches under the rips and finishing the embellishment with safety pins and draped chains.


Accessorize your punk rock look for that fancy dress costume party with gel-spiked hair, goth makeup, a faux leather jacket over your 70s shirt and military-look boots with high tops.


70s shirts UK style done the punk rock way are complimented by eyeliner worn all around the eyes in either neon-bright colours or classic black goth.   Lips should be pale if going for that goth look, or bright and bold to match the bold eye makeup.   And your spikey hair can be further jazzed up with some temporary spray-on multi colours.

1970s Printed shirts

1970s Printed shirts

  • 70s shirts UK style inspired by Hollywood:


Be totally inspired by the vintage 1970s fashion brought to life on the big screen in such cult classics as “The Godfather”, “Jaws”, “Saturday Night Fever” and “Rocky”.


Some of the key style trends seen across all these cult movies were the velour or nylon dark coloured tracksuits rocked by both tough-guy heroes and villains, the 70s shirts UK style paired with white and pastel pantsuits ala Travolta and the tight flared jeans that were seen in outfits from casual-cool streetwear to grunge rebel to hippie rocker and paired perfectly with every 70s shirt.


So, have you been inspired for your next 1970s fancy dress costume party by the key trends of 1970s fashion above? If so, read on for the best places to source your 70s shirts UK style and coordinated pants, skirts and accessories to go with your 70s shirt.

70s Hawaiian shirts

70s Hawaiian shirts

Best Places to buy 70s shirts UK style


Whether you are in the market for a 70s shirt to rock at your next fancy dress costume party or look to create your very own retro-modern look with 70s style shirts in the mix, take a virtual tour through these top 70s shirts UK style market places to find your perfect fit.


  • Check out Mega Fancy Dress at Mega Fancy Dress for some cool 70s shirts UK style options.


They offer rainbow-bright 70s shirts UK style or in psychedelic prints that scream hippie-chic.   Add on some funky items from their accessories section like peace pendant chains or patches to finish your vintage look.


  • Do also visit Simply Eighties


This virtual market place offers you 70s shirts UK style done the Ziggy Stardust way, with a 70s shirt in patterned stripes, coordinated flared pants, high-top boots embellished with lighting bolts and so much more to choose from.


  • Don’t forget to visit eBay


Look for 70s shirts and you will be rewarded with a huge selection of authentic one-of-a-kind throwback outfits like a 70s shirt with disco-style ruffles or a 70s shirt styled the retro-hippie way.


  • Smiffys is another great place to visit for your 70s shirts UK style at Smiffys


Here, you will find 1970s fancy dress costume options that range from a ruffled satin 70s shirt to matching pants in corduroy or denim fabrications, to afro wigs and leather-look headbands and classic platform shoes to finish your look.


  • Divas and Dudes is another great place to find 70s style shirts at Divas-n-Dudes


They offer a groovy blue 70s shirt perfect for a vintage-modern mash up or classic hippy fancy dress costume options.


  • And no shopping spree would be complete without a visit to Amazon, where you can find the largest selection of 70s style shirts in the UK  in every price point to suit every budget and in styles to suit every taste.


Now go get yourself some 70s shirts UK style and rock on the 1970s way!


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