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Cowboy Chic in Your 70s Western Shirt

March 14, 2018

Come on now, we’ve all thought about channeling our inner stylish cowboy or cowgirl at least once in our lives! The 1970s were packed with Western style icons – including the cast of the iconic TV show Dallas and actors from popular films such as Little Big Man and The Cowboys. The great thing about Western fashion is that it can easily be mixed and matched with more contemporary pieces. We’re here to show you how to rock your 70s Western shirt with ease!



Blue17 vintage 70s Western Shirt photo


Your Complete 1970s Western Look


70s checkered Western long-sleeved shirt


Seline is wearing a perfectly-fitted 70s checkered Western long-sleeved shirt with 1970s grey wool flared trousers and multi-colored high heels. She’s buttoned up her shirt all the way to the collar to emphasize the Western vibe, along with pulling her hair back into a sleek low bun to draw more attention to the outfit. Her high-waisted pants are an ode to the tailored trouser trend of the 70s, while the interesting design of the shirt definitely falls in line with the classic 1970s fashion saying “there are no rules in the fashion game now”. Bright colors were nothing to be afraid of  – and when mixed with Western style (a style known to be filled with dark colors and natural tones) this shirt makes for a truly unique take on Western fashion. Ready to channel your Cowgirl Chic?


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