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Rock yourself some 90s men’s shirts with vintage men style

January 15, 2020

Whether long or short sleeved shirts are your groove, get yourself some serious vintage men style with 90s men’s shirts that you can mix and match with your current looks.


Vintage men styles from the Nineties are back, so be inspired by the backstory of 90s men’s shirts and then get into some of the key trends of 1990s fashion in short sleeve styles or long sleeved shirts to rock with your current wardrobe.

Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder

Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder

90s men’s shirts backstory

 Vintage men’s fashion in the 1990s was all about minimalist styling and dressing as a move away from the over-the-top fashion of the 1980s. Read on for some of the key trends in 90s men’s shirts and other fashion elements of the Nineties.


  • Grunge look:  90s men’s shirts in the grunge look mode were usually oversized flannel shirts, logo-emblazoned T-shirts or hoodies worn over baggy ripped jeans and combat boots for that intentionally laid-back, unkempt anti-conformist look.


The grunge look was inspired by bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.  90s men’s shirts made of flannel were loose-fitted and padded and worn over acid wash jeans and under olive green or khaki anoraks.


The laid-back look was finished with chunky black Doc Martin boots, aviator sunglasses and unwashed hair.

The Kooks onstage

The Kooks onstage

Brit style
  • British style invasion:  1970s Brit style influenced 90s men’s shirts, pants and outer layers.  Aloha shirts under leather jackets, long sleeved shirtsunder velvet blazers and paisley patterned shirts tucked into bootcut trousers were just some of the ways Britpop style was reinvented in the Nineties.


Graphic tee shirts, faux fir on jackets, wide lapels and 90s men’s shirts in terry cloth, PVC or satin fabrications were some of the other ways used to express Brit-influenced style.


These looks were finished with loafers, Chelsea boots or high-top sneakers, depending on the outfit.

Abercrombie & Fitch Sign

Abercrombie & Fitch Sign

  • Preppy Style:  90s men’s shirts done the preppy way took the form of classic polo shirts, striped tee shirts, gingham short sleeve shirts or variations of these, usually sourced from brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, The Gap or Old Navy.


  • The preppy look was finished with navy blue blazers with nautical-style touches like pocket monograms and gold buttons, worn with sockless loafers for a casual-dressy look.

Rappers performing onstage

Rappers performing onstage

  • 90s men’s shirts the hip-hop way:   Another big style influence on Nineties fashion was the hip-hop industry and the clothes worn by hip-hop stars.   Oversized baseball jackets, bomber jackets or tracksuit jackets were layered over loose black long sleeved shirts or oversized white T-shirts, finished with baggy jeans and high-top sneakers.


Baseball caps worn backwards, hoodies, cargo pants and chunky chains completed this streetwear style.


  • African influences on Nineties fashion:   90s men’s shirts were reimagined as silk Madiba shirts, safari-style short sleeve shirts and brightly coloured and patterned African-inspired bush shirts.


These global styles were paired with jeans for casual wear or dressed up with dress pants for day wear.

Photo of Mel Gibson at the premiere of Air America. 1990

Photo of Mel Gibson at the premiere of Air America. 1990. photo credit Alan Light

  • Business styling:  by the Nineties, single-breasted jackets or leather jackets cut in blazer style replaced the 1980s power suits.


90s men’s shirts worn with these business suits were in solid dark colours, conservative in cut and style.


Dress shoes took the form of Chelsea boots, usually in black.


Business-casual style provided an alterative way of dressing for men at work.  Bill Gates set this trend with casual khakis and polo shirts.


Formal evening wear saw 90s men’s shirts in all-black styles, worn under black suits with matching black ties.


These were the key trends influencing Nineties fashion and 90s men’s shirts variations. Read on for where to get yourself some of this throwback style.

Bill Gates and Shri Dayanidhi Maran

Bill Gates and Shri Dayanidhi Maran

90s men’s shirts and where to find them

Here are some of the best places to source your vintage men styles in shirts, pants, shoes and accessories for the perfect touch of Nineties style.


  • Amazon is the leading global market place to find a huge selection of 90s men’s shirts in both original vintage men shirting options or modern reinventions of the throwback styles from the Nineties.


You have your pick of styles, fabrics and price points with the added bonus of same day free shipping under certain conditions.



Rusty Zipper
  • Find 90s men’s shirts, accessories, shorts, jackets and vests at Rusty Zipper, where the collection of vintage menfashion and styling options is highly curated and brings you the best in quality and choice.




  • If you are in the market for one-of-a-kind authentic and original 90s men’s shirts, head on over to Etsy, where you will find vintage men styles in shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, logo-emblazoned jackets, bomber jackets and other 90s clothing options.




  • Asos offers you plenty of grunge-influenced style options for your 90s men’s shirts. Find these modern spins on throwback style in flannel, gingham, plaid, checked and striped shirts, ready to pair with your favourite jeans or chinos.


  • Rokit is one of the UK’s leading vintage and retro clothing online stores, so take a virtual tour of all the men’s shirts and coordinated pants, shoes and accessories they have to offer, all with that Brit style essence.


90s Seaside Landscape Silk Shirt

90s Seaside Landscape Silk Shirt

  • Shinesty is another great place to find vintage men styling options from the 1980s and 1990s. You’ll find 90s men’s shirts in retro Hawaiian prints and cuts, perfect with linen pants on hot days and cool nights.


Urban Outfitters
  • For a modern take, check out what Urban Outfitters have on offer. Their styles are influenced by classic Nineties fashion but made with modern fabrics and current technology for superior quality at a low cost.


You’ll find shirts, pants, jackets, shoes and accessories for your head-to-toe throwback look.

90s Renaissance Style Silk Shirt

90s Renaissance Style Silk Shirt

Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Abercrombie & Fitch were the original designers of Nineties preppy fashion so you can be sure that you will find fresh versions of old favourites here.  Look for their version of the top trends of the Nineties, reworked for today’s style savvy consumer.


These are just a few of the virtual market places to source your 90s men’s shirts, so check them out on your Nineties-inspired style journey.

Perfect pairings

Here are some inspired ways to elevate your 90s men’s shirts with complementary accessories.


  • Baggy and ripped jeans: these go perfectly with oversized 90s plaid flannel shirts, preferably in a classic Buffalo check print.

  • Biker jacket layer:  finish off your Nineties-inspired grunge look with a black or brown worn-in biker jacker for super cool style.


  • Cargo pants to go:  casual, practical and perfect for street and weekend wear, pair your favourite cargo pants with logo-embellished T-shirts or oversized short sleeve

60s Black Cotton Wind-Breaker

60s Black Cotton Wind-Breaker

  • Windbreakers with everything:  Lightweight, wind-resistant and brightly coloured, throwback styled windbreakers bring the cool factor to everything you wear.


  • Combat boots:  having a fresh style moment, pair a classic Doc Martin boot with your Men’s 90s shirts and pants for retro perfection.


So, start your engines and head on to the search bar now! However, you may find that starting your search at Blue17 may be your best way to find a range of 90s mens shirts.