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Vintage sweatshirts

June 10, 2015

As an extra layer of warmth when the weather suddenly turns cold, vintage sweatshirts or hoodies are the perfect solution, and as well keeping you warm they can certainly give you a certain fashion kudos.


And sweatshirts don’t have to be just part of a casual ensemble, a last minute throw on piece that you only wear when it starts to rain or turn cold. A sweatshirt can be worn in different ways, you can buy oversized, baggy, or tight fit, with the most imaginative prints and colours imaginable.

Wear Vintage sweatshirts in Different Ways

Birth of our beloved sweatshirt

And who can we thank for the sweatshirt – it seems to have been with us for such a long time it almost feels as if it’s always been here, with no definite idea of when exactly we all started wearing them.


We can thank a gentleman from Alabama in the early part of the 20th century for our vintage sweatshirt love. Rather than wear heavy clothes for playing football, Benjamin Russell decided to use a material used that had been used to create work wear for women at his father’s factory. He believed that it could be accommodated to create sportswear for the boys, and he was right. It became extremely popular, it absorbed sweat, it was comfortable and much lighter than anything they’d worn before.


And then of course, we had Steve McQueen carrying out his daring escape in none other than The Great Escape film made in the early half of the 60s. He wore it with a leather flying jacket and khaki pants and it looked so good, everyone wanted some of McQueen’s rugged good looks.


So there you have it, the sweatshirt was born, and as you can imagine, it’s perfect festival material…for practical reason as well as fashion ones.

Festival Vintage sweatshirts

Yes, many will be fully immersed in the 70s thing, with fringes, florals, full length floral skirts and fringed bags, and yes this is the bohemian festival look we all know and love.But there is another look that many favour, and that’s the more relaxed vibe of skinnies/shorts/converse look, but every bit as strong. It’s a look that can be dressed up or down and it can be a far more interesting if you search carefully for certain key vintage pieces.

Vintage Sweatshirts can be a key feature of this look with bold slogans, patterns and colours.

There are a variety of different vintage sweatshirts you can find, you may find that you’re drawn to music slogans, sports or college sweats. They can be cropped with an 80s twist or just be big and baggy. They look good with shorts, denim or otherwise, skinny jeans and pants of every description.

Vintage sweatshirts and a skirt – why not?

You can also wear your vintage sweatshirts with a skirt or dress if you wish, the cut of the sweatshirt may determine how good it’s going to look, perhaps a straighter cut skinny sweatshirt with a long skirt and a baggier one for wear with a shorter, mini version.


Whichever way you decide to wear them, vintage Sweatshirts are an investment and you should only buy one if you truly like it – and it’ll take you through more than one festival over the years.

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