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Rocking mens 70s shirts UK style for your fancy dress party

February 4, 2020

Go extra for your next fancy dress costume party and rock mens 70s shirts UK style at your event, combining the essence of boho and hippie in your 70s shirt selection.


Nothing says Saturday Night Fever glam like mens 70s shirts UK style, especially when you rock these 70s shirts at a fancy dress costume party. Bring that hippie-bohemian vibe alive and take your 70s shirt for a spin on the disco dance floor! 


Palm Beach Qld SLSC Old Boys social gathering in the early 70s

Palm Beach Qld SLSC Old Boys social gathering in the early 70s

Strike a 70s style note at your next fancy dress party

If you want to stand out at your fancy dress costume party, go for 1970s nostalgia with the perfect pairing of mens 70s shirts UK style with classic throwback bell-bottoms.


Fancy dress inspiration
  • Choosing your fancy dress costume inspiration:  while your costume theme may be built on mens 70s style, you have a range of fashion icons to inspire your whole outfit, from tie-dyed 70s shirts tucked into bell-bottom jeans to sequins and satin from the disco floor.


Go all John Travolta ala “Saturday Night Fever” in a black 70s shirt under a white or pastel three-piece suit.


Or take the Earth, Wind and Fire route with far-out, groovy boho-style 70s shirts worn loose over flared denims for true boogie style.

Sonny and Cher, 1971

Sonny and Cher, 1971

Sonny and Cher
  • Mens 70s shirts UK style done the Sonny and Cher way:  For an authentic 1970s couples fancy dress costume, you cannot go wrong with a Sonny and Cher spin.


For the Cher look, get a long black wig and tie with a narrow sparkly headband.  Add a halter top and skin-tight bell bottom pale wash jeans and you are rocking the look.


For the Sonny spin, put on a fake moustache, some round-framed coloured sunnies and mens 70s shirts UK style in buttoned-down, wide collar versions. Finish the look with a fringed suede or faux leather vest in fawn over striped flared trousers.

70s Ben Sherman Purple Psychedelic Shirt

70s Ben Sherman Purple Psychedelic Shirt

  • Spin current wardrobe for 70s shirts looks: No need to source yourself new mens 70s shirts UK style if you can spin some of your existing shirts the 1970s way.


Look for a fitted shirt in your closet and wear it unbuttoned down to the waist, tucked into some bootcut jeans and finished with a wide studded belt for a modern take on mens 70s shirts UK style.


Or pair a brightly-coloured turtleneck sweater with bootcut jeans or trousers for another retro look.

Disco Roots, 1976

Disco Roots, 1976

  • Mens 70s shirts UK style the disco way:  Pull off a classic 1970s disco look by paring mens 70s shirts UK style with lots of ruffles in pastel shades of pink, blue or yellow, with tight-fitting flared pants, preferably in shiny nylon and finished with platform shoes.


The Beatles
  • Beatles style spin :  For quintessential mens 70s shirts UK style, look no further than John Lennon and Yoko Ono outfits.


Wear an all-white fancy dress costume made up of loose cut cotton pants paired with a cotton button-down shirt worn untucked, tunic style.   Add some sandals or flip-flops for a totally laid-back fancy dress costume.


For Yoko’s look, a short white shift dress paired with patent go-go boots, a black wig and a wide-brimmed floppy hat gives you that 1970s vibe.

Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize, Fantasy Island, 1977

Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize, Fantasy Island, 1977

  • “Fantasy Island” inspiration:  Take your inspo from the characters of this cult TV show and look for mens 70s shirts UK style in solid black, paired with an all-white three piece suit and a black tie.

Finish your classic fancy dress costume with a Hawaiian lei and a European accent and you have the fantasy down pat.


  • “Star Wars” themed mens 70s shirts UK style:  Another great inspiration for your 70s shirts style are the early “Star Wars” movies.


Picture Hans Solo in his Henley-style 70s shirts worn under black vests and tucked into cargo pants.  Finish your look with combat boots and a broad belt for that space adventurer look.

Starchild rock band, 1971

Starchild rock band, 1971. Image credit: Robert Sprenger

  • Mens 70s shirts UK style done the Rock Band way:  Bands like the Grateful Dead are another way to style your 1970s fancy dress costume.


Pair some 70s shirts the tie-dyed way with hip-hugging flared jeans and sandals to capture this iconic rocker look.


To finish off, add a woven headband, a peace symbol pendant on a chunky chain around your neck and a finish it all off with a fringed vest for an extra grooving fancy dress costume.

1970s Hollywood nostalgia

1970s Hollywood nostalgia

  • 1970s fancy dress costume the Hollywood way: There are so many iconic, cultish movies from the 1970s to choose your fashion inspiration from. Get yourself some mens 70s shirts UK style done the Hollywood way, like the heritage looks from “Annie Hall” with button-down shirts and wide collars.


Finish the look with wide-leg pleated trousers and a Fedora rakishly tilted on your head, and you have a very masculine, throwback take on 1970s dressing.


 Fancy dress
  • Over-the-top fancy dress costume:  Want to win the prize for best fancy dress costume?  Go all out with a KISS-inspired look from head to toe. Get yourself some mens 70s shirts UK style fashioned along the lines of a polyester jumpsuit with a fitted top and flared bottom.


Wrap up by adding a punk hairdo wig and tons of white and black face paint. Your 70s shirt done jumpsuit style should be in white or black, with a wide collar. Finish the outfit with platform boots and rock this look to your fancy dress prize!

Elton John, 1975

Elton John, 1975

  • Bohemian hippie or disco dancer styles:  Your choice on whether to go with a hippie look or a disco dancer spin. That “Saturday Night Fever” look with mens 70 shirts UK style in black with wide collars under a white three-piece suit is a classic disco dancer outfit.


Wear your 70s shirt unbuttoned and in a silk or nylon fabrication.  Finish the look with platform shoes to elevate your style.


Or go the other way with your fancy dress costume and source some mens 70s shirts UK style in bright patterns, preferably tie-dyed and tunic-cut, worn loose and long over flared pale blue denims and finished with faux leather sandals for a laid-back, just-grooving flair.


The 1970s offers you these and so many other inspirations for your next fancy dress costume party, so go big and go bold!

Where to buy your mens 70s shirts UK style

Read on for some of the best online market places to source your mens 70s shirts UK style, then couch-surf your way to an epic fancy dress costume.


  • Mega Fancy Dress


This UK-based company offers you a highly curated, funky selection of mens 70s shirts UK style.


Choose from rainbow-coloured 70s shirts in swirling prints and patterns for that psychedelic vibe.

Add on some groovy 1970s accessories like chunky chains or patches for your retro denim jacket and rock your 70s shirt to the max.

70s Vintage Colour Splash Shirt

70s Vintage Colour Splash Shirt

  • Simply Eighties


Not just for 1980s-themed fancy dress outfits, this virtual shopping site offers you a range of mens 70s shirts UK style, inspired by classic looks from Ziggy Stardust to KISS.


Find 70s shirts in bold stripes and bright colours, and pair with bell-bottom trousers gussied up with lightening bolt patterns, metallic studs and other embellishments.

  • eBay


Check out everything that eBay’s UK site has on offer.  This is the best place to source yourself some mens 70s shirts UK style that are truly authentic originals from the 1970s, some of them even custom, hand-made pieces.


A huge selection of throwback styles in all sizes and at all price points gives you so many options to choose from.


You will find here 70s shirts dressed up with ruffles, perfect for pairing with a three-piece pastel suit.

70s Multicolored Checkered Shirt

70s Multicolored Checkered Shirt

  • Smiffy’s


Smiffys is another cool destination for mens 70s shirts UK style.


The perfect satin 70s shirt with ruffles, tucked into flared corduroy jeans and finished with cowboy boots – all available at one place for easy outfit assembly and purchase.

70s Style Chenaski Purple Long Collared Shirt

70s Style Chenaski Purple Long Collared Shirt

  • Divas-N-Dudes


Check out what Divas-n-Dudes has to offer for your 1970s fancy dress costume.


You’ll see here options like a 70s shirt in a retro shade of blue, perfect for pairing with bootcut blue jeans and a broad brown belt for a classic, not-trying-too-hard look that actually works well in today’s world, outside of just a fancy dress choice.

  • Amazon


No online shopping spree should be wrapped out without a visit to Amazon. With the largest selection of globally-sourced mens 70s shirts UK style, in choices from authentic pieces from back in the day to modern versions of throwback style, and at every price point imaginable, you are sure to find something to match your taste and budget here.


These are just some of the places that offer mens 70s shirts UK style, so get comfortable, take a virtual tour and find what inspires you.