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Rock yourself some retro-chic 70s shirts women’s style today!

August 29, 2019

Retro fashion never goes out of style so get yourself some 70s shirts women’s wear today and mash them up with your favourite separates for a vintage-modern spin.


70s shirts women’s style are having a fashion moment, especially in the 2019 Fall/Winter collection walking down global catwalks today. These retro-inspired 70s shirts go perfectly with coordinated flared trousers in vintage fabrics like corduroy, tweed or wool, or pair exquisitely with midi pleated skirts.

Girl wears yellow shirt and fringed suede mini skirt on Kensington roof terrace in 1971

Girl wears yellow shirt and fringed suede mini skirt on Kensington roof terrace in 1971

70s shirts women’s style backstory


70s shirts evolved during a decade when there was no single dominant style but instead, we see that the 1970s were a time of many fashion trends and choices, something to suit all ranges of tastes and shapes.


70s shirts women’s style took on so many different forms, from tie-dye T-shirts to bohemian-chic loose and floaty tunics, to skin-tight graphic tees layered under short vests.


A common element across all the vintage fashion trends from the 1970s was comfort and laid-back style, inspired by hippie-chic and global citizen vibes.

skirt, bell bottoms and 70s shirts women’s

Here is a look back at some of the top 70s shirts women’s wear trends that continue to be classic choices today:


  • 70s shirts for Women as work wear:

70s shirts women’s workwear style were all about button-downs with oversized pointed collars tucked into pleated skirts or bell-bottom trousers, or silky pussy-bow blouses layered under pant or skirt suits.


These 70s shirts were embellished with polka dots, paisley prints, florals or geometric patterns.  Alternatively, they came in pretty pastels that paired perfectly with vintage denims in pale blue washes.


  • Prairie Blouses:

Hippie-chic, rural style and bohemian culture came together in the 70s shirts styled after prairie blouses, with lace inserts, pin tucks down the front, ruffles and tassels, in pales like white and pastel or in tiny floral prints.

70s shirts women’s Tunic tops in 1971

70s shirts women’s Tunic tops in 1971


  • Tunic Tops:

Another cult favourite in 70s shirts women’s wear style was the tunic tops that were worn over bell-bottom jeans or mini denim skirts.


The personification of comfort and laid-back style, these 70s shirts were cut long and loose and usually in cotton or linen fabrications for breathable, cool wear in the summer time.


When worn in polyester or jersey fabrications, these 70s shirts became dressy options for evenings and nights out, layered over corduroy trousers or tucked into mini belted skirts.

70s Cropped Black & White Bolero Style Top

70s Cropped Black & White Bolero Style Top


  • Cropped Tops:

Another spin on 70s shirts were cropped tops in gingham or checks knotted at the midriff or fitted cropped knit sweaters. Halter top crops were also uber-popular when paired with high-waisted bell-bottom trousers or Daisy Duke style short shorts.


70s shirts women’s style were also fashioned on the classic Polo look, except worn extra fitted and short.


70s shirts women’s - Dead Stock 70s Tee Shirt

Dead Stock 70s Tee Shirt


  • T-shirts:

70s shirts done the T-shirt way were tight, short and usually with graphics, logos or pictures emblazoned across the front. These tees were paired with high-waisted flared jeans.


Trendy fabrications included the traditional cotton blends or more 70s style jersey and polyester fabrics that were wash-and-wear easy.


  • Global Style:

70s shirts women’s wear styled the global way included Mexican-influenced peasant blouses, Indian-influenced embroidered tunics and short kaftan tops and Eastern European-style embroidered peasant tops.


These pretty, exotic and very feminine 70s shirts and tops were worn with full maxi skirts, short shorts or vintage flared jeans.

70s Women' vests

70s Women’ vests


  • Vests Over Everything:

Layered over the trending 70s shirts and tops were vests in pale blue denim, jewel-toned corduroy or velvet or cosy knitted cardigan-style vests.


Long-line vests were also popular, belted over floral or checked long-sleeved 70s shirts and jeans or corduroys.


Pullover vests in warm knits and Argyle or Fair Isle retro patterns were also a popular choice in the 1970s.


And in keeping with the boho-chic vibe, crocheted, faux fur and fringed suede vests over 70s shirts were all the rage as well.


  • 70s shirts the Sweater Way:

Vintage wrap tops, dolman sleeve sweaters, cosy cable knits and long loose cardigans with tie belts were popular sweater options worn over 70s shirts women’s style in the 1970s.

70s poncho fashion

70s poncho fashion


  • Poncho Pizzazz:

No exploration of 1970s fashion would be complete without a look back at the gorgeous, colourful and handmade styles of ponchos that were worn on their own or over 70s shirts women’s style with fitted bell bottoms beneath.


Ponchos were made with turtlenecks and warm wool for the winter, crochet or open weave cotton knits for the summer. They were embellished with folksy designs for that vintage look, or in earth-toned blanket patterns for a Western look.

Women's 70s pantsuits

Women’s 70s pantsuits


  • 70s shirts for Women styled with pantsuits:

The 1970s working woman rocked her menswear-inspired pant suits with flared trousers and fitted jackets with extra-wide lapels, layered over 70s shirts in either classic button-down style or the more feminine pussy-bow look.


Alternatively to the jacket, sleeveless vests made of the same fabric and colour as the trousers were another trendy option layered over 70s shirts in feminine floral or playful striped prints.


Pantsuits from the 1970s were worn in rich jewel tones in the winter months and pastels or white in the summer. The look was finished with pointy-toed boots in timeless white, or platform sandals.


70s Pink Hibiscus Print A-Line Skirt

70s Pink Hibiscus Print A-Line Skirt


  • 70s shirts for Women styled with skirts:

Casual-chic skirts from the 1970s ranged from micro-minis in corduroy or denim, usually with broad self-belts, to loose-cut flowing midi and maxi wrap-around skirts in rainbow-coloured stripes. Layered over 70s shirts in the form of tees, peasant blouses or fitted crop tops, these laid back ensembles rocked main streets everywhere.


For more formal wear, ladies wore pleated midi skirts with their 70s shirts demurely tucked in at the waist, or A-line skirts in vintage fabrications and prints like tweed, houndstooth or wool for cooler weather office wear.


These were just some of the popular ways 70s shirts women’s wear style rocked that decade and this look back at 1970s fashion history could go on forever, since the range and options for style were so vast.

70s Floral Poppy Short Sleeve Blouse

70s shirts women’s – 70s Floral Poppy Short Sleeve Blouse


Rocking 70s shirts style today


1970s fashion trends are having a moment in the sun again, so read on for some of the best places to source your 70s shirts and rock them with throwback style jeans, trousers, skirts and shorts on the catwalks of your everyday life.


Vintage Dancer

  • First stop: Take a virtual tour of 70s shirts women’s wear done the Vintage Dancer way.


You will find vintage 70s shirts in florals, stripes, T-shirt style, Bohemian or hippie-chic looks in original, authentic cuts and fabrics to bring the 1970s back into your fashion persona.


Check out their coordinated collection of 1970s pants, jeans and skirts to pair with your 70s shirts or wear with your modern pieces for a mashed up throwback look.


Do also take a look at their vintage accessories to go with your 70s shirts, like chunky silver chains embellished with peace sign pendants, or tassel earrings and necklaces that are so very now and new today.

70s Strawberry Red Check Blouse

70s Strawberry Red Check Blouse


Rusty Zipper

  • Then head on over to check out what Rusty Zipper has on offer. You won’t be disappointed!


Rusty Zipper has a huge selection of vintage clothes from all the past decades, so browse through their collection of 70s shirts women’s wear style in all sizes.


You’ll find such vintage treasures as chambray 70s shirts, denim shirts, disco-dancing tops and so much more.


Do take a look at their retro chunky platform sandals, mules pumps, perfect for pairing with those bell-bottom jeans or corduroy trousers or rocking with your fave 70s shirts tucked into mini pleated skirts.

70s Multicolour Embroidered Top

70s Multicolour Embroidered Top



  • Your next move should be Etsy – which offers one-of-a-kind vintage


Look for authentic originals including hand made 70s shirts in tie-dye, T-shirt, knitted and crocheted options.


Esty offers highly curated shopping choices so you are sure to find 70s shirts here that no-one else has and that embody the authentic vibe of 1970s fashion.


You can find everything here, from women’s shirts 70s style to retro 1970s dresses, skirts, pants, shoes and accessories, all in one place and all in sizes, styles and at prices to suit everyone’s individual shape, taste and budget.

70s shirts women’s - 70s Green Geometric Graphics Blouse

70s Green Geometric Graphics Blouse



  • For a modern spin on 70s shirts, head on over Forever21.


Here, you will find vintage-inspired 70s shirts women’s wear style that go perfectly with their equally retro-inspired flared jeans or corduroy pants and mini skirts in both wide and narrow wales.


Using modern fabrics with today’s durability, stretch and quality, and pairing that with the styles, prints and colours fashioned on 70s shirts women’s style gives you the best of both vintage and modern wear all in one outfit.


Finish your throwback look at Forever21 with their low-cost accessories like chokers, long link chain pendant necklaces, big hoop earrings and mood rings.


Add some modern foot wear like classic white sneakers or on-point booties to make the look fresh and modern.

70s shirts women’s - 70s Turkish Print Tee Shirt

70s Turkish Print Tee Shirt



  • No virtual shopping spree would be complete without a visit to Amazon.


Amazon offers you the largest selection of 70s shirts women’s wear style at all kinds of price points to fit any budget.


Choose from original 70s shirts or modern reinventions of these vintage shirts, tops and go-with pants and skirts.


You’ll find classic tie-dye T-shirts, flannel 70s shirts, peasant blouses with tassel and embroidery or in tiny floral prints embellished with lace, and fitted knitted tops with zippered fronts to pair with those equally vintage-inspired corduroy mini skirts.


Amazon offers additional perks like free same day shipping, a range of used and new products and all kinds of styles, sizes and go-with accessories for you to choose from, so take advantage of the benefits of this global one-stop-shopping experience.

70s shirts women’s - 70s Flamenco Style Pink Blouse

70s Flamenco Style Pink Blouse


Beyond Retro

  • One more place to source your 70s shirts women’s style is at Beyond Retro.


Here, you will find vintage psychedelic colours and patterns in 70s shirts or ruffled blouses from back in the day. Also look for cropped, fitted T-shirts with brightly coloured borders on sleeves and neckline, emblazoned with graphics or slogans and perfect for pairing with your favourite skinny blue jeans or paper-bag waist chinos.


Beyond Retro gives you highly curated, top quality 70s shirts women’s wear options that mimics the experience of shopping at a high-end consignment store, without the hassle of in-person shopping and with all the benefits of lower-cost selections combined with the ease of to-your-door delivery.


Now that you’ve taking a spin through 70s shirts women’s wear history and checked out the top online shopping options, you can mash up these vintage styles and trends with the modern separates in your wardrobe to create your very own spin on retro-modern wear for today.