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Vintage footwear

September 28, 2014

I always find that vintage footwear is not an easy option. Shoes are so personal they mould to the shape of the wearer’s foot. If you have wide feet, or you have problems with them, then wearing a pair of shoes that’ve been owned and worn by someone else may not seem like an option you want to consider. On the other-hand if you’re not too bothered by this and have a hankering for vintage footwear then why not?

Vintage footwear -Looking for a shoe

If you go on a search engine, then you’re likely to find a plethora of online vintage footwear sites that promise you delightful vintage shoes. However be careful, they are often not vintage at all but retro, which is fine, as this means they’re usually shoes that have been made, brand new, to emulate an era or particular design.


If they have the word “vintage” in their title, then it can be misleading, so look out for words such as “retro style shoes,” “reproduction,” and “vintage style shoes.” It may seem perfectly obvious, but once the word “vintage” has been bandied about it’s easy to get carried away thinking you’re on an authentic vintage shoes site. For those with wider feet, or foot problems as mentioned earlier, then reproductions may be a better option. This way you get the style and look of a vintage shoe, but a better fit.

Vintage footwear – Plenty to choose from

The good news is that there’s no shortage of vintage footwear outlets on the net, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. You should immediately recognize an online store selling authentic vintage shoes – the shoes will look worn, with some shaping in the toe of the shoe. They could have slightly worn heels and there should be only be one or two of one shoe, so they sell out quickly. That’s part of the beauty of vintage – you won’t find anyone else wearing the same pair.


Also look out for a good description of the shoe and any references to damage, worn heels or soles. If you have any questions about Vintage footwear you should be able to email the seller, who should be enthusiastic to answer your queries and this would be the same if you were on the high street.

women's black suede shoes shoes from the 40s from

women’s 1940’s black suede shoes from

 vintage womens shoes-1960's shoes with diamante heels from

1960’s shoes with diamante heels from

Women's Edwardian leather antique shoes from

Women’s Edwardian leather shoes from


vintage ladies shoes-Pierre cardin patent shoes from

Pierre cardin patent shoes from

It’s all about the boots – knee and thigh high

What’s in vogue right now? Well, anything goes as usual, but the season of the boot is almost upon us and there does seem to be a certain trend developing for the knee high and thigh high boot. Whether or not you’re daring enough to wear them is another thing, as they do make quite a statement. If you do fancy a pair of over the knee, then look no further than Vintage footwear in 1980s for your vintage knee highs. The eighties are a perfect time for the knee high boot in suede or mock leather and they should come with a good block heel that’ll see you through the winter.

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are still in vogue for male and female and always look good with a pair of skinnies, they achieved notoriety in the 1960s and were a Vintage footwear fashion staple of the mods and associated with the “swinging London” of the time.They were also worn by The Beatles and became known as the “Beatle boot.”

Enjoy the search for Vintage footwear

Whatever style you choose – shop wisely and take your time.Always ask if you’re not sure and most importantly, enjoy yourself, as vintage fashion shopping should always be about the fun. Next week, we’ll be taking another look at vintage footwear and accessories.


wooden sole platform shoe

1970s Women’s burgundy knee high boots

knee high leather high heeled boots

chelsea boot