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How to Rock the Ideal Womens Vintage Straw Hat

August 2, 2018


vintage womens straw hat with feather detail from Blue17


The classic vintage straw hat first made its debut in Ecuador and by 1855 it was being shown at exhibits in Paris, one hat even allegedly being given to Napoleon III as a present.


Otherwise known as a ‘Panama Hat’, this hat got its slang name because men working tirelessly on the Panama Canal used these hats to keep cool in the intense heat.


When Theodore Roosevelt visited these men, he wore one himself and was photographed with it on. Since then, Westerners couldn’t get enough of these hats. They’ve come a long way since the 1800s, and we’re here to show you how to style your own vintage straw hat!

Wide brimmed vintage womens straw hat

Patterns Mesh Well with Vintage Straw Hats

Our lovely model, Alex, swears by her 80’s straw hat with feather detail on the side. We love this hat because it can be dressed up or down, and is perfect for a day out in the sometimes-sweltering summer heat.


Alex pairs her vintage straw hat with patterns, and it works wonders for her overall vibe. Her black and white checkered top and striped harem-style 80s trousers go effortlessly with her wide brimmed straw hat. Add a chunky gold belt for a pop of color and class, and top off the look with 80s sleek black heels, and you have yourself a winning outfit.


To keep warm in the changing temperatures, Alex picked out a classic red leather jacket, which matches the tones of the outfit to a tee. Now she’s ready to hit the town and let her ideal vintage straw hat do the talking. Want one of your own?


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