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Vintage tank tops – Homage to Tank top fashion

April 28, 2015

Vintage tank tops back in the day were bright striped with round scoop necks a worn with the most lurid coloured shirts imaginable.


Sometimes they’d have a v neck and they’d be plain, patterned or fair isle. They finished off with a thick ribbing and if you didn’t match them with a shirt, you’d wear a t shirt which would often look considerably better.Tank tops can be a good thing and if you don’t believe me…read on

Vintage Womens tank tops

vintage tank tops -Different strokes

Different strokes

Old enough to remember them, or too young to even know what they are?

If you’re old enough to remember vintage tank tops, you’re probably frothing at the mouth merely thinking about them. If you remember David Cassidy smiling inanely out of Jackie magazine wearing the tank top uniform of the 70s you may feel close to hysteria every time you see one.

Womens vintage tank tops – wear them anyway you like

However – if like me, you’re willing to explore vintage tank tops once again, then this time round, in the noughties, you may not find it quite so terrifying. After all, there are many different ways you can wear a tank top, you can wear it alone, with a tee, over a vest top, and yes over a shirt, but no, no lurid colours and bell sleeves. A Hollister shirt or a fitted rails shirt underneath a vintage tee is a lovely thing to behold.

Womens vintage tank tops noughties style

You can recreate the tee under a tank look aka 2015 and give it a revamped, fresh look that pays homage to 70s fashion, yet at the same time reinvents it for modern times. Wear colours that are in right now, such as tangerine, turquoise and lemons. Worn with wide leg pants, skinnies or a short skirt, or even a maxi, and you’ve got something fresh and modern.

Womens vintage tank tops– versatile and modern

A tank top worn alone with a maxi skirt and a leather jacket, or worn alone with denim cut off shorts or a pair of skinny jeans is a thing of beauty.


A vintage tank top is even better, better range of colours, better workmanship and if you buy from a reputable vintage store, you’ve also got a classy garment that’ll last a long time.


And vintage tank tops do come in different shapes and sizes. If you immediately picture a hand knitted tank top then you couldn’t be more wrong. Tanks come in thin knits too and t shirt material, it really does depend on what you’re looking for. A tank top can be a traditional thick knit if that’s what you’re looking for, however it can also be a thin knit that can be layered up and worn under sweaters.



Different fabrics, different shapes

A tribal silk tank can be every bit as gorgeous as an abstract print tank or a sleeveless tank with a picture or logo. It really is up to you which vintage tank tops you prefer, but they are still extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down, with jeans or a skirt, even over a dress. If it was good enough for David Cassidy back in the day, then its good enough for you now in 2015.Good luck and happy shopping.

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Crotched, knitted, cotton or leather, a tank top can be anything you want it to be.

Logo tanks, popular, expressive, relaxed.

Sequins are good as are patterns, embroidery and stripes.