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Womens Vintage Leather Skirts

April 2, 2015

Womens Vintage Leather Skirts aren’t for everyone, but if you do like leather, then you have a million different ways you can wear it.Jackets, skirts, trousers, bags, shoes, boots, leather is the versatile, hardwearing fabric that can glam up an outfit or give a certain kudos to a simple ensemble.Read on for tips on how to wear Vintage Leather Skirts for Women…

Vintage Womens leather skirts

Traditional black leather mini skirt

Traditional black leather mini skirt


Vintage leather offers a wider variety of styles and colours

If you like vintage then Womens Vintage Leather Skirts are a real treat for the eyes.


We’re talking soft baggy knee-length 1980s leather, shorter with that obligatory split at the back, or long and wavy to the calves. High waist or low waist, thigh high or to the knees.


There’s been a few skirt trends over the years and leather, as versatile materials as you can find, has moulded itself to most of them.


Whether you like your leather black or brown, blue or green, vintage is always the best place to find something truly unique and original.


The good thing about leather is that, if it’s been looked after by its previous owner, it lasts a long time, and you get something that can last a lot longer.

Love it or loathe styles and colours over the years – vintage leather

I find that brown leather is a love it or hate it colour when it comes to leather and the 80s certainly saw its fair share of brown leather.


A brown leather skirt may have you wrinkling your nose in dismay, however, it certainly has its charm and can be dressed up with today’s colours for a vintage-meets-2015 look.


Some of you may not be keen on the high waist version as they can show off a slight bulge if your tummy is less than flat.


However, you can go for lower waist versions if you feel more comfortable. The 70s is a great time for leather, especially skirts with scarlet red Italian leather and fringes. However red leather has visited other decades too and always livens up it up beautifully.

1970s high waist leather skirt

1970s high waist leather skirt

Womens Vintage Leather Skirts in the 1970s

Although the 70s was a bit of a suede patchwork animal, leather was around in abundance then too, with butter brown, panels and calf length skirts that still look every bit as good now as did back then.


There’s nothing quite as pretty as flared leather worn with a black sweater and ankle strap heels.


1980s and 1990s Womens Vintage Leather Skirts

The 80s and 90s brought us some tight leather minis, worn with stilettos and tees. They can still make an entrance too if you like creating dramatic, sexy silhouettes.


Personally, I love the long flared versions, worn on a lazy evening with a well fitted vest, heels and clutch, it’s the sophisticated evening look for a relaxed and elegant feel.

Leather + vintage = variety

It’s evident that womens Vintage Leather Skirts do give you much more choice than buying what’s on the high street, because the choice increases when you start to embrace more shapes, lengths and colours from different decades.


This gives you a million ideas on how to wear it and with what. Any vintage piece, as you know, can be worn with contemporary pieces that with a bit of clever thought, can be dressed up to look breath takingly good. Short or above the knee, leather skirts can look elegant and sophisticated


That also includes an original look, a unique take on current trends and a clear sign of your own unique style. Happy shopping.

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Womens Vintage Leather Skirts

Short green pleated leather skirt

Shiny, black and flared Womens Vintage Leather Skirts.