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Vintage playsuits

April 17, 2015

Vintage playsuits are versatile garments, they come in all colours, patterns and designs and can be worn in a multitude of different ways. They can be dressed up or down, worn in winter, summer, autumn and still manage to look amazing. If you’ve always associated the play suit with summer, then think again, because you can wear it whenever you like, regardless of the season.

You can wear a playsuit and look really good..find out how….

Vintage Women’s playsuits


Different vintage playsuits for different occasions

A playsuit is a one piece as we all know, and it comes as shorts with top together, or as a longer piece with trousers and top combined. It can come with sleeves or without, the width can be a close fit or wide legged. They can come tailored or simple, with pockets, or without.


They were popular during the 70s and really took off during the mid-noughties, and haven’t looked back since then. The fabrics they’re made from vary, from silk to jersey and cotton, and they’ve been around much longer than you’d think. They were popular garment for Hollywood starlets, at least those daring enough to wear them for photoshoots.

Different fabrics, different shapes

Although vintage playsuits are associated with the summer, they’ve been commonly made from lighter fabrics and shorter lengths, but don’t forget that playsuits come in longer lengths too and darker colours, and keep in mind that you, the wearer, make the trends and not someone else.


Aside from this, it’s important to remember the importance of paying attention to body shape and making sure you choose something that flatters yours and makes you look and feel good, rather than choosing a playsuit that may look good on someone else, but doesn’t look so good on you.


Vintage Playsuits go back to the 1900s and by the 1950s was worn by both adults and children. They gradually moved on from the beach and leisurewear to every day wear. It was the noughties that brought the playsuit back into view as a fashion garment and hasn’t looked back since.


Of course, as with any garment, a playsuit needs to be accessorised well in order for it to look truly amazing and there are a variety of pieces that can improve the look such as belts, sandals or flip-flops, and if you wear it at night, simply change to heels and jewellery to give it a more glamorous feel.

Body shape

The rules are fairly straightforward – choose something that flatters your overall shape, if you have a larger waistline wear something that draws attention away from it such as strapless one piece. Keep it loose below the waist if you’re larger in the bottom area. Short sleeves and sleeveless are versatile enough to suit anyone and halter necks are good for those with larger shoulders.

Vintage playsuits

If you’re looking for vintage playsuits in particular, then look carefully and take your time, make sure that the retailer you’re going to have a good reputation (such as Blue17) and that they have an experienced team, should you find yourself in need of help.


Playsuits are so comfortable to wear and they’re an ideal garment to wear now spring is here and with it hopefully, some milder weather. While it’s still chilly however, a long-legged playsuit is ideal for both evening and day wear – and can take you from the office to the evening with style. Keep it vintage and keep it stylish, your ideal playsuit is out there.



A playsuit can be elegant

Longer length vintage playsuits – good for day and night wear

Vintage playsuits-classic vintage playsuit YSL

vintage playsuit