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Womens Vintage Cardigans

April 12, 2015

The great thing about womens vintage cardigans, and pretty much any vintage garment really, is the amount of detailing and workmanship in each item.Machine made cardigans quickly go shapeless after 1 or 2 washes, and you have to pay upmarket prices to buy a good quality equivalent.


However, if you buy vintage, you get the quality workmanship and the detailing for a fraction of the price you’d pay for an upmarket or designer label cardigan.

Vintage cardigans for Women


Womens vintage cardigans can be dressed up or down


Feel like a lonely spinster in a twinset?

Yes womens vintage cardigans can be dressed up or down have been associated with drudgery and old-fashioned spinsters knitting or themselves by the fireside.


However, knitted cardigans are not in any way as spinsterish and dowdy as you might think. Worn with the right clothes and the right accessories and you’ve got a last-minute addition to your outfit that really steals all the attention.


Personal favourites for me are cable knit oversized cardigans – they look great with just about anything, from flimsy thigh high dresses and ankle boots, through to skinny jeans and a logo tee.


For those who prefer a more fitted version there are plenty on offer with soft cashmere, worn buttoned to the neck with a few loose buttons and matched with a pair of heels and a classy little minaudiere.


Wear your Womens vintage cardigans with jeans or skirts


Spoiled for choice with Womens Vintage Cardigans

A brightly coloured 70s number can be worn with a long-sleeved dress or a shirt and skirt. A cardigan is the ultimate accessory that can be added and taken away with pleasure.


It’s temporary covering of the shoulders and can be discarded as the temperature rises.


In winter it can be worn with pants, skinnies or skirts (of any length). It doesn’t have to be the main attraction, it can be a side dish – it’s your choice.

Embroidery, patterns, colours, whatever you want

Another popular choice when it comes to womens vintage cardigans are those that come with embroidery or patterns – and again it doesn’t have to be an old lady outfit.


This is something that can be dressed up or down. With accessories best kept simple, a patterned or embroidered cardigan can really make a statement, and worn with a simple loose skirt or shorts it can be a real scene stealer.

Womens vintage cardigans – 70s style

The 1970s is a particularly great decade for cardigans, with wrap around and shawl collars, wide bell sleeves and bright colours – they make cardigans that much more interesting. Dressing them up or down can be done cleverly with careful attention to the hair and jewellery.


The irony is never lost with a great vintage piece and everyone gets it when you accessorize well.


Clever prints and shawl collars complement your jeans


Fisherman’s cable cardigan – a wardrobe essential

Finally, never dismiss outright the fisherman’s cable knit cardigan, because there is a thing of beauty. Worn with loose flowing hair and a floaty maxi skirt (very 70s), or with a pony and skinny jeans, it’s the vintage cardigan that never stops giving.


Look out for good quality womens vintage cardigans at Blue17 where you’ll find a wide selection of vintage cardigans that are all in excellent condition and come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. So come on down and see what’s on our rails.

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Stylish and clever Womens vintage cardigans

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