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Orange is the new black

September 13, 2015

Autumn certainly won’t be boring, Orange is the new black this autumn and it can be worn any way you like. I know we’re still seeing some warm weather, but don’t worry, you’ll still get to wear your coat and boots. And when it comes – it’ll have been worth the wait.

Orange is the new black this autumn

Autumn is all about scruffy hair, grungy wear, lots of pockets, and unremarkable clothes being a really good work over so you can wear them larger than life, with a splash of colour and a few big pockets and patchwork squares.


And there’s bold colours too, bold colours that come in orange and blue, even men can have their share of colour with man bags including cycling bags, briefcases and duffel coats in the brightest of colours.

Vintage or contemporary – orange is a winning colour

Yes, orange is a big colour this autumn and it can be worn any way you like.


The beauty of colour trends is that you can wear vintage and still be bang on trend. Whether it’s an orange 50s dress with wide skirt, or a v neck Lacoste sweater. It’s all about how you wear it.


Right now the Orange is the new black trend is either muted or loud and proud. It’s on coats, trousers, dresses and skirts.

Orange is the new black Patterns or block colours, bright or pale

It doesn’t have to remind you of Halloween either, it can be chic and if you wear it as a bright standout colour, then you’ll have little need of anything in the way of accessories.


You can also wear it as part of a colourful print, a colourful pattern that stands out for all the right reasons.


One dress for the night in a bright burnt orange can look dramatic, all you need is a patterned clutch with matching shades and a pair of simple shoes.


Orange is that bright colour that sits between yellow and red on the colour spectrum.It’s for the extrovert, the unconventional and spells danger and excitement.

Where does it get its dangerous reputation?

The word ‘orange’ was first heard in the 16th century and the colour has a long history, with Egyptians using it for tomb paintings from a pigment called realgar.


Manuscripts were coloured with orange in the medieval times, and was was often used in ancient times and known as orpiment.


The Chinese used it as a medicine but it was also highly toxic and contained arsenic. Naturally, it was used as a weapon for poisoned arrows.


Orpiment was also used to make gold by alchemists in the West as well as in China.

1970s dress pattern with halter neck

1970s dress pattern with halter neck


And who hasn’t heard of the House of Orange, the royal house in Europe in both the 16th and 17th centuries.The name originally came from a Roman and Celtic settlement and not from the fruit.

You can do 50s orange - it works well in any decade

You can do 50s orange – it works well in any decade

Orange is the new black – Danger, excitement and royalty

Yes,it spells danger, it’s poisonous, it’s toxic, it’s useful, it’s royal.Yes, orange is associated with the most exotic and exciting things of all, and wearing it makes you feel just that little bit dangerous.


Orange can be as thrilling and as exhilarating as you want it to be and if you’re not too sure whether it suits your complexion, then tone it down a notch, or just keep it to accessories.


Dare to wear Orange as the new black this autumn and live dangerously.