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Vintage Burberry

May 22, 2015

Burberry has a long history dating back to the 19th century when it was founded by the young 21-year-old dressmaker Thomas Burberry.


Their first store would open towards the end of the 1890s and would grow from there to one of the biggest labels on the planet.


An iconic British brand

Vintage Burberry Advertisement 1908-

A long and distinguished history


It boasts the fact that it created the first trench coat which were worn during the First World War, Burberry also provided the tent and clothing for the Norwegian expedition team that reached the South Pole for the first time.


It would go on to create more than just trench coats, with everything from bags, ties and scarves to shoes and skirts.

Burberry, marketing campaigns and famous faces

It has had some of the most famous marketing campaigns with both actors, models and celebrities donning the famous Burberry brand including Agnes Deyn, Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Eddie Redmayne.


Of course Burberry has had its bad times too, from being associated with the Burberry ”double check” so favoured by so-called chavs. However, Burberry brought itself back as the chicest label in the UK.

Vintage Burberry

If your average Burberry in 2015 isn’t enough for you, then perhaps you’re after some vintage Burberry, and no one can blame you.


The trench coat is a classic, whichever decade it comes from. And what’s better than a 80s Burberry trench coat worn with a pair of cool skinny jeans and a tee?


Some of their earlier bags are exquisite with leather hold-alls and that all important logo.


Not all of Burberry’s items are covered with plaid, although that’s never a bad thing, but many items only have the plaid as a lining. So there’s never any danger of overdoing the check.

There’s never enough Burberry in the world

A pair of Burberry canvas shoes can’t be wrong and some of their older scarves are always flattering.


There’s also different types of plaid, as well as the more recognisable and famous plaid we’ve all come to know and love, with the beige background. Some of Burberry’s print ties are stunning with a variety of different prints, so there’s always something different, and if it’s from another decade, then it can always add something fresh to your wardrobe.


Of course vintage Burberry is never going to be cheap, even if it’s vintage, you’re paying for quality, and once you have a Burberry item, you know it’s going to last.


A vintage Burberry trench coat is like Chanel and the LBD, it’s never going to go out of fashion, it’s a functional necessity, as well as a fashion item, and it’s here to stay.


With its traditional tie belt, shoulder flaps and double-breasted buttons, it’s a really classic piece of fashion history and even though its shape and colour may have changed slightly over the years, it’s still recognisable as that all important Burberry trench that no one else can really mimic.


When searching for Vintage Burberry items, always make sure you check the label, they have changed over the decades, but you’ll know it when you see it and if it doesn’t have that all important label, then it’s not Burberry.

Getting the Vintage Burberry Look

The Burberry trench coat is a beautiful, classic look, and will go with most things, vintage and non vintage. Since it’s been around for a century now with very few changes, it fits in with every era. This is especially true for mens vintage outfits.


The trench coat is great for spring or autumn, as it is light and waterproof. It’s designed to be just thrown on over your outfit and its classic fawn colour is a neutral that matches with most things.


Burberry’s Nova Check is worth looking out for too. It’s a wide plaid design in fawn, black, white and a little bit of red. This is found on many accessories, like bags, purses, hats and gloves but the iconic item of Burberry clothing in Nova Check is a Burberry scarf, recognisable instantly. This colour scheme is also a basic neutral, and will go very well with your trench coat but also anything in block colours, especially scarlet, black, white and fawn.

Celebrities in Burberry

I, personally, think that Daniella Westbrook was making quite the style statement when she appeared head to toe in Burberry Check a decade ago, no matter what the papers said at the time. Still, it’s probably better not to use her as a style guide. Instead, use your vintage Burberry a little more sparingly.


The celebrities who love a trench coat include Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and, and Courtney Cox, Charlize Theron, and Blake Lively have often appeared in public in what seems to be just a trench coat, a clutch bag and some high heels.

Styling your vintage finds

Sometimes you love a label but you don’t want to be straight up about it. Yes, a trench coat is really easy to style, and a woollen scarf can just be wrapped around your neck. But there’s hundreds of things you can do with a silk scarf if you happen to get hold of one. It’s the perfect thing to give a designer twist to your outfit.


They seem to be a relic of a bygone age. Silk head squares were used principally for cold days, folded into a triangle and tied firmly under the chin by older ladies. The Queen still does that. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t do too, they’re pretty warm. Think Grace Kelly in a motor, not the elderly lady down at the local market.


But also consider folding it into a long, thin rectangle and using it as a hairband, with the knot at the back or tie a jaunty bow on top. You can also experiment with or wrapping it turban style. You can also put it around your neck and tie in a nonchalant knot or form into a huge pussy bow. Be creative, think outside of the box, and enjoy your vintage Burberry finds.