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Womens Vintage Clothing

February 3, 2015

Womens Vintage Clothing sounds, to the uninitiated, like just one style: “vintage style”. But of course, it’s so much more, there are so many eras to choose from, so many designers to covet, and so many ways of wearing vintage womens clothing.

A Variety Of Womens Vintage Clothing

For example, the War-time Girl. With pristine peroxide waves, she sleeps in metal curlers and searches out knitting patterns from the 1940’s. She’s even found unused wool from the period, and knits her own tiny, tight, and immaculate twin sets.


Of course, she accessorises these with vintage pearls and a vintage pencil skirt, and if you’re lucky you’ll catch a glimpse of the fearsome contraption of rubber and steel she wears underneath: a vintage girdle. It’s all carefully dry-cleaned. She looks immaculate, untouchable, and stunning, like a film star.


Who else wears Womens Vintage Clothing?

The Magpie doesn’t stick to any one era. She may wear a 1980’s Vivienne Westwood corset, accessorised with moth holes, over a white peasant blouse from the 70s.To finish, a tiny 40’s hat with a veil on her hair.


She regularly appears in the most gossamer cream silk shirts, slightly foxed. She has sweeping black velvet evening coats, more like a cloak than a coat, gently nibbled by animals unknown. Further animals unknown, possibly a relative of the nibblers, sweep around her neck as a fur collar, moulting slightly as they gaze at you from one friendly eye.


Despite her eclectic wardrobe, moth holes and marks, the Vintage Magpie always looks elegantly gorgeous, and perfectly put together.

1940s dresses

1940s dresses

The Vintage Magpie

And then there is the Vintage Magpie of All Things Fun. She wears a riot of all things vintage, verging towards the psychedelic nylon sixties, but she’s not fussy.


The day-glo noughties get a look in, and the polka dotted fifties sometimes vie with her preposterously beehived hair, decorated with an explosion of plastic flowers, combs, hairclips and brooches. It’s possible that small animals live in that hair, making a nest in the hair pieces she stuffs in to pad it. You may see things fall out of it, stray flakes of tobacco, earrings, hand rolled cigarettes.


She never enters the dry cleaners, or bothers with hand washing. She’ll bung her latest treasure in the washing machine, and if it comes out smaller than it went in, she’ll laughs loudly and wear it anyway.

Sexy Womens Vintage Clothing

Finally there is the Sexy Vintage Vixen. Her brightly coloured tattoos peek from under her clothes, all across her chest, arms, legs, any body part on show- and there is plenty to choose from.


She prefers fifties outfits, and satin corsets wherever possible, in red or black. A red full skirted dress with a sweetheart neckline, a little black leather jacket, red lipstick and a quiff is her favourite ensemble. Or a wiggle skirt, corset and fishnet tights.


These, and a whole spectrum of Vintage lovers are out there, picking and choosing their outfits, wearing them with élan or just enjoying owning a piece of history.

womens vintage clothing

womens vintage clothing




The War Time Vintage Girl

Vintage Beehive

A Vintage Vixen