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Knitwear 2015 2016

March 9, 2015

I find that knitwear is anytime, and for Knitwear 2015 2016 in my wardrobe, you’ll find numerous knitted pieces that are either brand new or vintage.

I always find that a jumper or cardigan is needed regardless of what you wear, whether it’s merely to keep you warm as a functional garment, or a fashion piece in a colour that pulls out all the elements of your outfit you wanted to stand out.

Women’s Knitwear for 2015/2016

Dressing is fun and the perfect signature knitwear pieces can give your outfit kudos and make you look extraordinarily stylish. A knitted jumper no longer makes you look like you’re going to a grannies tea party, it’s a versatile garment that can be worn in lots of ways.


Knitwear is of course always in, regardless of the season, year in, year out. But what kind of Knitwear 2015 2016 will we be wearing for  in the coming months? Although spring and summer is around the corner, there’s still a place for a good quality knitwear piece in our wardrobes for those summer evenings when the chill of night time approaches.

Knitwear 2015 2016-Cable knits

Are cable knits ever out of fashion – I think not. Worn oversized and to the hips they look great with a long slouchy maxi skirt worn to the ankles or a pair of smooth black skinny jeans. A long cable knit sweater worn with separates or over a floaty dress, either long or short is a luxurious feeling.


The catwalk saw its own share of cable, with cable knit ponchos with polo necks and oversized sweaters with a rustic feel, nice slouchy sleeves, so we could be wearing it this autumn and winter, but why wait till then?


There were natural shades, but if you like your cable knits bright, then why not? Cable knit dresses were spotted too, as were long sleeved knitted cardigans worn in with layers, and some cable knits came with fringes at the hem.

Knitwear 2015 2016-The big V

Sweaters with big v necklines are looking to trend in Knitwear 2015 2016, a slouchy fit that reaches just to the hips. It reveals a little of the collar bone with that beautiful, dramatic deep v at the neck. Beautiful with a tan in the summer months and worn with a long straight maxi skirt that clings to the legs.


Wear it the beach or to an early evening barbecue, and then save it for the winter. It’s meant for autumn and winter 2015, but if you fancy your v necks now, then I see no reason why not and you can always hold on to them for later in the year. If you can’t get hold of any yet on the high street, then vintage stores are your next port of call.

Knitted dresses in

Maxi dresses graced the Knitwear 2015 2016 catwalk for autumn and winter, worn to the ankle or below the knee. Patterned or plain. There’s nothing nicer than a long black maxi dress in soft wool, I know, I have one, and they never lose their timeless style and can be worn with heels or without.


Admittedly, a knitted dress isn’t kind to those of us without a shapeless figure, and you may not want to go down this fashion avenue of opportunity in Knitwear 2015 2016 for that reason, but there is “shapewear” if you really crave a knitted dress this year to help conceal those lumps and bumps.

Vintage knitwear

Yes, vintage. Vintage knitwear rocks in Knitwear 2015 2016 and you know it. Where cable knit is concerned, the sky’s the limit and there’s plenty of choice, with handmade as well as lesser known brands that are both original and unique. Look out for knitted dresses from every decade and take your pick. Long cardigans with buttons are a fashion must have and vintage can give you a variety of choice, offering up the opportunity to wear something stylish, unique and utterly gorgeous.


Always source vintage knitwear before you consider graduating to brand new, because you really don’t know what bargains you’re going to unearth for yourself. Vintage shopping really is like being locked into an Aladdin’s Cave of fashion joy. Embrace the knitwear vibe in Knitwear 2015 2016 and go forth.




DEEP V for spring 2015 and beyond