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Fedora Hat Styles to add a splash of style to your wardrobe today

September 25, 2015

Anytime is a good time to think about Fedora hat styles. It really enhances your facial features and it compliments what you’re wearing.

Oh, what it would be to go back to the days when a man and a woman wore a hat for almost every occasion?

Fedora Hat Styles for today

Perhaps we can’t go back, but going forward isn’t such a bad thing either, because hats are big this autumn.No it’s not beanies, or large over-the-top pom pom hats that are on offer, but something more streamlined and far more elegant with the Fedora hat.


There’s a touch of the 70s in the air and the catwalk had plenty of examples of how to wear it. It’s the season of the hat, the trilby hat with a wide brim, or the fedora hat.

The beautiful fedora hat styles

Now, fedora hat styles are a beautiful thing and the term was coined as far back as the 19th century. However, in the early part of the 20th century it became associated with gangsters during prohibition.


Fedora hat styles remained popular through the 1920s to the 1950s and naturally as a more informal way of dress was adopted, the hat, the fedora hat fell out of favour.

And yes, we do remember Indiana Jones wearing one in his many adventures. Can you wear the fedora hat, or its successor the homburg?Or perhaps you prefer a more sedate trilby?


Not everyone enjoys wearing a wide brim, or any kind of brim, but before you start to panic, you can still wear knitted hats and the more colourful the better.


If you are going with this autumn’s hottest look, the fedora hat, then what are the dos and don’ts of wearing one?

Fedora hat styles comes in a wide variety

You’ll find the fedora hat comes in a variety of different styles, colours and designs, you’ve probably seen the summer variety fedora hat made from straw with a black band.


You can also get silk, ribbon or braided bands on a fedora hat and this can give it a really feminine look.Keep in mind that for winter, there are darker, more muted colours and lots of black.


So keep straw for the spring and summer months and for winter you can adopt a neutral beige or mulberry shade and black is great for that sophisticated and mysterious look reminiscent of film noir.

A well-fitting hat looks so much better

Of course it’s important to make sure that whichever hat you choose, that you make sure it fits well. There’s nothing worse than a badly fitted fedora hat, trilby or homburg for that matter.


Go for fedora hat styles that are specifically designed for women rather than a man’s, where you may find you disappear underneath its brim.


Getting the right style and the right shape and size for your face is crucial in order to make it work.It could be an irregular brim that’s slightly upturned that looks better on one face, while on another a regular brim might be better.


Whatever you do, don’t wear it too far up your head as that really does take away the mystery and the sophistication of a brimmed hat.

Everything in proportion

Keep your height in mind as you don’t want to wear one with a massive brim if you’re only short in height.


If you are small in height and frame, then choose one that’s of medium size. A larger hat is fine if you’re taller with a larger frame.


However, it is entirely up to you which type of fedora hat styles you wear. Aside from proportions, choose accessories that match your hat, shoes, bag and hat make for a dramatic look.


Pants, jeans, skirts or dresses – try and keep it simple, and enjoy the supreme sophistication of the fedora hat this autumn.

Vintage is best

A vintage fedora hat is a pleasure to behold as well as being truly original and distinctly unique. Why,because the felted material used in it’s fabrication was natural and many more microns thick than modern equivalents. The Fedora hat in essence is a practical hat ,designed to weather intemperate conditions and yet to convey staus. Keep your eyes peeled and find yourself the perfect vintage fedora hat styles today.


When considering Fedora hat styles, look for quality, craftsmanship and condition – and whatever you do, remember to try it for size.