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Vintage Womens dresses

June 1, 2015

Why would you want to wear vintage Womens dresses? There are many reasons why you’d want to wear a vintage dress, most of all because you want to look utterly unique and wear something that won’t be replicated anywhere else. Its haute couture for the people, don’t think hand-me-downs or seconds from thrift stores or charity stalls, think authentic vintage clothes from your favourite era.

Unique Vintage Womens dresses

The famous and ne’er do wells do vintage Womens dresses too

And vintage isn’t just something the rest of us conjured up to create affordable clothes without buying brand new. Celebrities, actresses and the like also do vintage – even if their wallets are much thicker and deeper than our own.

Think of a vintage dress and add contemporary accessories

Think Angeline Jolie in black vintage Versace, Dita Von Teese in almost anything that’s vintage, it’s rare we see her in anything else other than that, and she certainly rocks a vintage dress. The 50s is definitely Von Teese’s era, as her hourglass figure was made for their waist hugging designs. Chloe Sevigny is constantly rocking the vintage look, by creating effortless contemporary looks that include key vintage pieces.


If that hasn’t got you convinced, then think Alexa Chung, taking vintage Womens dresses and then reworking them in a similar vein to Sevigny, and wearing them with contemporary accessories, therefore bringing them up to date.

Yes, I do love vintage darling...

Yes, I do love vintage darling…

It can be as simple as adding a belt, or rolling up the sleeves

And this isn’t something that only celebrities can do. Anyone can take a vintage item, such as vintage Womens dresses and bring it up to date, simply by adding things, such as accessories, or doing something to the dress itself. You can roll the sleeves up, add a belt, close up or open a neck, depending on what is currently in vogue, take up or taken down a hemline.


What you do with your vintage purchases is entirely up to you, you may like to rock a completely full on vintage look with head to toe accessories with your vintage outfit, especially if it’s something with such a strong look, like the 40s or the 50s and this may not require a contemporary stamp on it as far as your concerned, and that’s fine.

Look and ye shall find unique vintage dresses

For those of you who want to be a little daring without abandoning today’s current styles, then mixing Vintage Womens dresses with contemporary items, is a really workable idea that can help create some really unique looks. Adding a simple something, such as a belt, a brooch, a new clutch or a contemporary jacket can really give your vintage dress a makeover.

Buy the dress and then build your accessories around it

And you don’t have to take fashion lessons first to get it right. Buy your favourite vintage Womens dresses and then add your accessories afterwards. Think shoes, belt, bag, jacket and jewellery. And you have a look. And a look that can’t be replicated. If you’re under the impression that vintage dresses are expensive, then think again, depending on the label and the era, you can really bag yourself a bargain, even haute couture or expensive high street labels can really go down in price. On the other hand if you’re quite happy to spend a little bit more on classic vintage Womens dresses then why not? A classic piece of vintage designer is always a good thing and brought up to date with shoes and bag, you’ve got a unique outfit going on.


80s vintage dress

80s vintage dress