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Halloween vintage style

October 14, 2015

Yes, Halloween is upon once again as we traverse the world of Halloween hair and grotesque makeup. Clothes are usually dramatic, you’re either going out in fancy dress, or you’re just glamming it up Halloween vintage style for a party.

When considering your outfit for this Halloween, and if you want to be the star of every party you attend, then a good outfit is crucial.


Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Halloween vintage style

You want something that people get immediately, with universal reference points, but at the same time you don’t want to be garishly obvious.

Dressing up Halloween vintage style

Will it be a Tim Burton look you aim for, or perhaps the chicest witch? Perhaps you fancy a Bewitched look, or maybe, you prefer something from American Horror Story.You could always go mystical or aim for a dark arts look. Fancy creating a Witches of Eastwick style, but not sure which character?

Preparation is key this Halloween

With this most celebrated time of the year approaching faster than you can reach for a broom stick, you want to make sure you are really well prepared. You don’t want to be ugly, you just want to stick with either good or very, very bad.


Don’t just aim for a green face and black eyes, that’s terribly clichéd, try something subtle or quite different, but don’t settle for mediocre.

Think it through and aim for something really dramatic, something no one else is expecting to see.

Halloween vintage style with an ironic twist

Yes, a little irony goes a long way and we British know all about that. Why not include some of your favourite vintage characters, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Billy Holliday or Ava Gardner. It doesn’t matter who, but perhaps with a twist. Monroe with an axe in her skull, Ava Gardner with a sallow complexion.


A freakish visit from beyond the grave from Elvis. You can reach for your favourite vintage clothes or source them from your favourite vintage store. You’ll probably find it works out far cheaper than hiring a costume, or buying it brand new. And you know what? No one’s going to forget your outfit for the next few Halloweens.

Mix fashion, vintage and Halloween

How about creating a halloween vintage style look that incorporates this season’s key looks but with authentically sourced items. Check out the current jewellery trends, look at the prints, textures and colours that are in right now, and find a vintage version.


Then you put an outfit together – use some clever make up, add a witch’s hat and you’re done. Clever thinking and good prep is what’s going to work here.

Halloween vintage

Halloween vintage style is the season of the vintage wardrobe, because this is the best road to go down if you’re looking for period look, a particular character, or just a few key pieces.

A witch for all seasons - Bloom-of-Youth and the Witch of the Elders, 1920

A witch for all seasons – Bloom of Youth and the Witch of the Elders, 1920

Long pearls, faux diamonds wrapped around the throat matched with ghoulish make up gives you a freakish countess look that can be finished off with a cat suit or a long-to-the-floor black dress.

Whichever look you decide to go with this autumn, keep vintage high on your agenda for your Halloween vintage style party outfit.