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Where Can You Find the Best 80s Boots in London?

March 7, 2020

The 1980s were all about experimentation, colour and frill. It was as if the entire fashion industry exploded during this party decade, sending shock waves of accessories and mismatched attire throughout the western world and beyond. Shiny costume jewelry? You got it. Curly, voluminous hair kept afloat with mounds of hairspray? Oh, yes. This decade also gave rise to the fashionable 80s boots, like the pixie boot and the leather ankle boot.

Variety in 80’s fashion

Both of these boots were a staple of the ’80s and could be easily mixed and matched with skirts, dresses, jeans and so much more. Women in London would arguably wear them best. It was hard to escape the beautiful variety of 80’s fashion when living in the centre of the world. Let’s take a look at how boots began, what types of shoes were popular in the 1980s, and where you can find your perfect 80s boot in London.


Women were tired of playing it safe and the thought of wearing an outfit similar to what their mothers wore was practically unfathomable.

Queue the individuality and expressionism of the ’80s.

Where Can You Find the Best 80s Boots in London?

How did 80s Boots even get started?


We’re going to have to really throw it back if we’re talking about the origins of the boot itself. We mean, 1000 BC back. But when we think about when the boot was specifically used for fashion statements and started to evolve on the catwalk, we’re thinking of the 1960s. Who could forget the classic Nancy Sinatra jam, “These Boots Were Made for Walkin’”? When you think about all the different styles of boots we’ve seen over the decades, it’s truly mind-boggling. The 80’s boot is not the only footwear to make a stamp on the 1980s.

Let’s touch on a few other stylish 1980’s shoes…


Who could forget their very first pair of Converse sneakers? First founded in 1908 in Massachusetts as a rubber shoe company, Converse began to play a major part in the idea of 20th-century footwear by the second half of the decade. Originally not seen as a leisure shoe, it wasn’t until the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe came out that people began to take the shoe seriously. By 1936, the white hightop Chuck Taylor was being designed for the Olympics, and by the 1980s, musicians and artists like Kurt Cobain pushed the shoe into major mainstream fame.

Air Jordans

Air Jordans

Air Jordans

The Air Jordan wasn’t just a shoe you wore once and forgot about. No, this shoe was one you treasured and wore daily. The Nike Air Jordans were first made popular by NBA player, Michael Jordan, in 1984. Since then, dozens of versions of this classic sneaker crept into the mainstream, from Jordan Fusions to the Jordan “6 Ring” shoe. The magic of Air Jordans lies in the brand’s ability to re-brand itself with the changing times, constantly coming up with new versions of itself and testing the boundaries of fashion, while also staying on-trend. This shoe is bound to stay relevant for the next hundred years.

Red jelly shoes

Red jelly shoes

Jelly Shoes

Ah, who could forget the classic jelly shoe of the 1980’s? Or perhaps, who is keen to forget it but simply can’t? Made from PVC plastic, these shoes were worn by toddlers, teens and adults alike. After all, who could resist the soft squishiness of a jelly shoe comforting their soles? Even if we think it may look a bit silly now, this shoe had a lot of clout in the 1980s. If you were really feeling adventurous, you’d go for the glitter jelly shoes, and add a little sparkle to your fashionable feet.

80s White Cut Out Peep Toe Pumps

80s White Cut Out Peep Toe Pumps

The Classic Pump

The classic pump was a shoe that women far and wide rocked in the 1980’s. Simple, sleek, and ready to be seen. It was the go-to “going out” shoe and could also double as a work shoe when worn with a pencil skirt and blazer. The classic pump was made famous by movies like Sixteen Candles, worn by Molly Ringwald when on a mission to find a man at the school dance. And guess what…she got her man!

80s Animal Print Shirt

80s Animal Print Shirt

What goes with a white leather 80s Boots?

Now that we’ve had our history lesson and we’re ready to take a look at some classic boots of the 1980’s, the first questions is, what goes with the classic white leather boot? Well, it depends on what type of white boot we’re talking about! If it’s a fringed cowboy boot, you might want to rock them with dark wash jeans to give a bit of contrast, paired with a plaid shirt or a colourful blouse.

If you’re rockin’ a 1980s white leather pixie boot, try some wide-leg black jeans with a leopard print top, or a long flowing skirt and a tight crop top. White leather boots are perfect for a night out or a shopping trip, but be careful taking them to a muddy festival or outdoor hike. You wouldn’t want your boots to go from white to brown!

Are brown leather 80s Boots in for 2020?

The perfect brown leather boot is being rocked by our model this winter, and it’s continuing to stay on trend for Spring 2020. A solid choice in the 1980s, the ankle bootie was made popular by people like Madonna and Halle Berry. Favourited on and off the runway, it was the versatile nature of the ankle bootie that made the shoe so appealing.


A brown leather ankle boot can be worn with nearly anything – from skirts to jeans, dresses to shorts. In the winter and the summer, there’s no rest for the ankle boot! Our model is rocking the shoe with a tight beige knee-length skirt, colourful sweater and long brown suede jacket. Perfecting the overall look with a polka dot bandana to add some sass and flair to the outfit, she’s ready for a night on the town or a stroll through Brixton or Hackney. The best part of a solid 80’s boot is that it’s reliable and practical, without testing your pain tolerance like some other vintage shoes.

Where Can You Find the Best 80s Boots in London?

So where can you find the perfect pair of 80s boots,?

1.   Blue Vintage

We may be biased, but Blue 17 Vintage is our top choice for all things women’s 80’s apparel. Here, you’ll find the most affordable, stylish 80’s boots in all different styles, colours and sizes. We’ve got a variety of stylish shoes to choose from. From textured black leather 80’s boots to these incredible navy gold leather boots with the intricate gold design detail on the site, there’s so much to explore.


To go alongside your new boots, we’ve got all types of accessories, from sunglasses to scarves, bracelets and earrings – from all decades! We’ve got it all, and we’ve got the perfect pair of 80’s boots for you to try on. Take a gander at our shop online, but come by our store to experience the full monty of shoes galore.

Other notable options for 80s boots are:

1.   ASOS

We’d taken a peek at ASOS’s vintage marketplace and we’re pleasantly surprised with what’s on offer! From their Vintage Revival 1980s high-knee boots to a pair of black chunky unisex boots or the classic 80’s suede ankle boots – there is plenty to love on this online store.

2.   ROKIT

ROKIT is a chain of high fashion vintage shops in London, and their inventory doesn’t disappoint. There’s plenty of vintage boots to choose from, from military styles to high-heeled leather ruched boots and some western styles.

3.   Ebay

Last but not least, who could leave out Ebay? The online store that has it all – and lets you buy and sell your favourite items for an affordable price. Ebay has some incredible options when it comes to vintage boots, from Granny Steampunk Victoriana ankle boots to Manolo Blahnik tan leather boots going for £30 – the options are endless. You’ve also got some colourful shoes to kick your outfits up a notch, like these vintage renata electric blue suede boots and these vintage Giusti ankle boots in zebra print.


The time has come to find your perfect pair of 80s boots. 3…2…1…SHOP!


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