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How Strong is Your 80s Dress Game?

June 9, 2018

How Strong is Your 80s Dress Game

How Strong is Your 80s Dress Game


If you’re like us, you live for the vibrance and the out-of-this-world nature of fashion in the 1980s. Women in the 1980s were a new force to be reckoned with in the workplace, and adopted the power suit trend to assert their independence and belonging. Shoulder pads and suit jackets? Totally tubular. Today, we’re able to play with the 1980s dress trend in new, exciting ways.

Match your 80s dress with the Perfect 80s Shoes

How Strong is Your 80s Dress Game?

Blue17 vintage 80s dress


Working women in the 1980s knew how to be sophisticated and stylish – and their shoes were no exception. Going perfectly with business attire would be the classic pump, (not too high to avoid any stumbles or mishaps in the office). This beautifully practical heel gave a feminine touch to sometimes more masculine suit jackets and power suits. Seline is a big fan of her vintage 80s heels, which go perfectly with her 80s black and red dress.

Add accessories to match

Accessorizing her look to compilment her 80s dress beautifully, she’s added a thin black belt to help cinch her waist and accentuate her curves. Add a pair of black tights to stay warm in the winter months, like the ones Seline is rocking. And finally, don’t be afraid of color, after all, no one in the 80s was! Add a red lip to top off the look, and you’re ready to take on the world!


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