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Your Perfectly Playful 1940s Dress is Calling

June 7, 2018

We’re a huge fan of 1940s dresses – it’s the simplicity, the fit, the classic modest yet modern feel that has us swooning…especially as springtime approaches! Blue17 Vintage is here to share the perfect nineteen-forties look for you this year, and get you excited about finding your own perfectly playful 1940s dress!

1940s Dress from Blue17

1940s Dress from Blue17

What Makes a 1940s Dress Unique?

Dresses in nineteen-forties fashion were fitted beautifully, accentuating a woman’s physique while also maintaining her modesty. Most 1940s dresses have short sleeves and buttons to make them more practical and comfortable during hot months. The more simple look of the dresses in the 40s were largely due to the war – women didn’t want to (and often couldn’t afford to) come across as overly flashy and made up.

Accessorizing the 1940s Look

1940s dresses - Blue17

1940s dresses – Blue17


When looking for the right accessories for your 1940s dress, try to steer away from flashy rings and blingy necklaces, as they will take attention away from the beautiful simplicity of the dress. If you’re rocking a pretty floral nineteen-forties dress like Selin is, try matching it with a vintage silk head scarf to give it a windswept feel, while pairing it with black tights, a red lip, and cute chunky heels to top off the look. Thankfully nineteen-forties dresses gave women the ability to MOVE, so don’t be afraid to embrace this playful look!