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1950s Dresses : Find the Perfect Fit

January 19, 2018

Where to find 1950s dresses

Rose print 1950s dress

Immaculate 1950s dresses can be hard to come across, especially ones that fit your budget. At Blue 17 Vintage, we have the perfect selection of trendy vintage 1950s dresses – at affordable prices. Bold-colored full skirted dresses are a staple of the 50’s, which saw women showing off more of their arms than in previous decades, hence the shorter sleeves. This meant more comfortable looks for the Spring and Summer time heat!

Bright 1950s Dresses for Spring

rose printed classic 50’s fitted dress

This beautiful rose printed classic 50’s fitted dress is the perfect outfit to rock this Spring. Emilie’s cotton rose print dress can be mixed and matched with your favorite chunky belt to help cinch the waist and define the silhouette. When going for the perfect 50s look, it’s crucial that you consider the fit of the piece. Does this 1950s Dress highlight your figure without prohibiting your ability to breath? It’s hard to find the right balance! Taking the time to make sure that you feel comfortable AND confident in your dress will make all the difference.

Fashion Forward

The classic 1950’s female look may have played up to the ‘doting housewife’ ideal of the decade, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take this style and give your own rock-star take on it. Feeling daring? Rock the perfect vintage bandana to give your look an edgy twist, paired with a bright red lip to really make the red roses pop. Thinking of ditching the kitten heel? Swap it for a pair of chunky spiked boots and you’ll really have heads turning. Whatever you decide to wear with your vintage 1950s dress, do it with confidence!


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