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Unique Wedding Dresses for Individual style with a twist of modern design

August 26, 2016

So you’re looking for the perfect wedding dress? Long gone are the days of standard design and trend led style. In recent years we have welcomed a new attitude to choosing one of the most important dresses you’ll ever wear. Individual style and a twist of modern design have led to a world of unique wedding dresses readily available to match your personality.


Traditions have been thrown out the window with a diverse range of styles to pair with your wedding theme. Whether you choose to opt for a vintage inspired dress, an authentic retro style or mix it up with a dash of colour. The choice is immense and brides are now looking for that unique edge when planning their nuptials.

Vintage wedding dresses

Unique Vintage wedding dresses have become a popular feature in many wardrobes in recent years and we don’t have to draw the line at everyday fashion. Vintage bridal gowns are one of the trendiest elements to your wedding day. Vintage in every sense is unique. It provides that one of a kind feeling and can match your wedding theme perfectly especially if you opt for a retro chic day. If you’re day is slightly more traditional then vintage still fits in perfectly.


One of the most infamous dresses worn by Kate Middleton had elements of vintage inspiration paired with a traditional ceremony and current on trend style. Retro wedding dresses are another fixture on the bridal scene. Short wedding dress styles or 50s vintage dresses are a beautiful alternative to the longer styles available.

A unique Vintage wedding dress is something that is revived in many trends including bridal. Popular vintage eras for bridal gowns include the designs from the 1920s through to the 1950s. The 1920s encompass beautiful art deco design, neo-classic columns and jewelled beading. This decade was inspired by Hollywood’s golden age and champagne, blush and pale gold shades are the perfect choice to recreate this style.


Longer styles were popular during the 30s and this is a fabulous choice for ladies that love decadent design. Pearl and stunning embroidery combined to create beautiful detailing on elegant gowns.


During the 40s and 50s different wedding dress lengths were in a popular choice. Matching current trends, shorter length wedding dresses offer a quirky and alternative bridal gown. Longer sleeved dresses and lace detailing were also popular styles that can be adapted on modern dresses today.

Adapting a vintage wedding dress

Some unique wedding dresses are created from a mix of vintage and modern fabrics. A beautiful and truly memorable example are wedding dresses adapted from a family members wedding gown. Not only does it hold special memories, it can create a stunning one of kind wedding dress. The style and design can often be reworked to match your personal preference adding some individual detailing and room for input into its creation.


There are lots of vintage fabric examples that offer the chance to create a unique wedding dress from scratch. Decide on a range of traditional dress fabrics including lace, chiffon, satin and silk. This is a great chance to pair vintage fabric with a modern style and add some unique customisations for your big day.

Unique wedding gowns

Every wedding dress should be unique and more often than not is, no two women are the same and whether you opt for a similar dress, there are elements that will have to be adapted. That could be size, some extra embellishment or different accessories, we all style them to our unique taste.


There are so many designs of unique wedding dresses out there and choosing something that’s perfect one for you can seem like a huge task. With so much variety, sampling an array of styles is the best way to test out what suits your taste. You may find trying on different styles will make your choice slightly surprising, as many brides feel great in something they thought wouldn’t suit them.

Vintage wedding patterns for unique wedding dresses

Vintage wedding patterns


Unique wedding dresses don’t have to symbolise something that is totally off the wall. It can be the simplest individual feature for example colour, decoration or length. Colour doesn’t have to be the traditional whites or ivories of past years. Many ladies are opting to add hints of colour to their dresses or go for something completely unique. Colour is a great way to express your individuality and can perfectly match your bridal theme.


The length is another element of individuality and choosing a unique vintage wedding dress will offer an ideal option for ladies looking for a shorter length wedding dress. Cute 1950s style examples or 1940s tea dresses can provide a chic, delicate style, ideal for vintage wedding themes.

Buying online

For many of us online shopping is something we do on a daily basis so why can’t this be the same when choosing a bridal gown. There’s no harm in going into stores and trying on styles to get a best fit but you’ll often find affordable examples delivered straight to your door. Unique wedding dresses will generally need altering due to the authentic fit and style of a bygone era. Don’t be afraid of buying a vintage wedding dress online if you purchase with the knowledge it won’t fit straight away.


Unique wedding dresses are becoming a current feature in many bridal decisions. We are often striving to look individual and style something that matches our personality. Vintage and retro wedding dresses are the perfect way to get a blend of both for your big day.