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Try mens retro polo shirts for a modern spin on throwback style

November 27, 2019

Add some mens retro polo shirts into wardrobe options to refresh and enliven your current classics with some vintage polo shirt style, from short sleeve to long sleeve variations.


Mens retro polo shirts never went out of fashion style, so inject some polo shirt choices into your current wardrobe and elevate your look with throwback flair.

 Polo match

Polo match

The history of mens retro polo shirts


Smarter than a tee shirt but more laid-back than a button-down, the polo shirt is a versatile and classic addition to every wardrobe and has been a style staple through all the past and current fashion decades.


Mens retro polo shirts styled the heritage way are constructed out of classic pique cotton, in solid colours, with short sleeve styling and with contrast piping on collars and cuffs.

Varsity Polo

Varsity Polo

Read on for a brief history of mens retro polo shirts:


  • As early as the 19thcentury, the polo shirt was created for playing the game of polo. These original mens retro polo shirts were long-sleeved, in durable rugged fabrications and with practical buttons to hold the collars down while playing on the polo field.


  • By the 20thcentury, Men’s polo shirts had evolved as “tennis whites”, adopted by tennis players everywhere. This evolution of the polo shirt had a short sleeve style, loose-fitting, made out of moisture-wicking cotton and with the classic buttons to fasten the collar down.

Rene Lacoste, 1922

Rene Lacoste, 1922


Rene Lacoste, who became famous as a tennis champion, designed his version of the classic polo shirt especially for tennis players, and the iconic Lacoste version of the polo shirt was born.


By 1933, Lacoste was mass-producing his Men’s polo shirts and selling them globally. The cuffed short sleeve style was a practical evolution of the earlier long-sleeved versions, and the collar buttons meant the collar could be worn down on windy days or worn up on sunny ones.


  • Brooks Brothers invented the button-down collar in the last 1800s after watching polo players struggle with their polo shirt collars flapping in the wind during polo matches.


  • In the second half of the 20thcentury, golfers adopted mens retro polo shirts as their go-to “uniform” on the golf course.  In fact, many courses and clubs made the polo shirt a mandatory dress code requirement.


These mens retro polo shirts worn on the golf course were usually fabricated in polyester or poly-cotton blends. They were styled with a three or four button front closure and had a left chest pocket to carry the golfer’s pencil and writing pad to keep track of his game score.

lacoste Tennis shirt

lacoste Tennis shirt


Mens retro polo shirts are wardrobe staples that don’t need reinvention but that doesn’t mean you cannot add your own personal style touch and flair to this heritage classic to refresh your look. Here are some ways that classic these Men’s classic polo shirts inspired fresh spins:


  • The rugby shirt takes its inspiration from mens retro polo shirts.  In bright stripes of every colour combination, this is a fun and colourful way to add a twist on the classic polo shirtstyle and inject some brightness into your causal outfits.


  • The 1970s style polo shirt is another spin on the original, in form-fitting knitted fabrications that show off a well-toned upper body. Pair with classic chinos, khakis or cargos for a balanced casual look that takes you from evenings to weekends.


  • Go really old style with your mens retro polo shirts and wear them tucked into pleated trousers for a European dash of style. Or dress your polo shirt up by adding a structured blazer over top, and finishing with khakis and dark hued loafers.


Finally, another way to rock this Men’s  look is to really dress them down with off-white jeans or over-the-knee shorts and canvas shoes for that nautical vibe whether on land or sea.

Sourcing mens retro polo shirts


Here are some of the best places to find that perfect polo shirt made just for you!


  • Atom Retro


Visit Atom Retro for these types of Men’s shirts in a range of original and authentic vintage short sleeve and heritage long sleeve options, or your choice of polo shirt in modern fabrications with a throwback edge.


  • True Vintage


True Vintage is another great place to find high-end mens retro polo shirts. This virtual market place promises you will have a great experience on our website, so give them a look-see. Custom-made, designer vintage polo shirts by Reebok, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and more, all available here.


  • Beyond Retro


Go Beyond Retro and find modern takes on the classic polo shirt at this site. They include the designer brands like Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and others who make the top-quality Men’s shirt you are looking for and they offer that little something extra in their curation.

  • Amazon


No better place for the biggest selection of both modern and mens retro polo shirts than at Amazon. You also get the widest choice of price points here, so something to suit every budget.


  • Etsy


If you are in the market for one-of-a-kind customized and unique options, visit Etsy and find a vast selection of vintage mens shirts in gorgeous standout colours like aquamarine blue or turquoise and in global brands like Ralph Lauren Polo, Lacoste Polo and the like.


  • Vintage Dancer


Vintage Dancer offers you a highly curated collection with elevated details and touches like unexpected fabrications, playful patterns and unusual cuts, perfect for both dressed-down days and elevated events. They also have a big selection of classic mens polo shirts the heritage way.


  • ASOS


Asos is a great place to find all kinds of vendors for mens retro polo shirts, from high-end upscale options to reasonably priced main street choices.


Expect to find a polo shirt from the classic Lacoste collection, in soft greens and blues or classic whites and blacks. Look for short sleeve choices to keep your look timelessly stylish.

  • 80s Casual Classics


Vintage inspired mens retro polo shirts with a 1980s spin are available for you at this virtual market place.


From name brands like Henri Lloyd, Fila, Lyle and Scott and others, you are going to find something special to add a touch of élan to your outfits today.


These are just some of the ways to get inspired by mens retro polo shirts and inject their timeless style into your day-to-night looks today, so take the plunge and elevate your look with a polo shirt or two. And while you are at it, lets us know about your experience on our website. We’re always happy to hear from our readers.