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Mens vintage printed shirts

September 2, 2015

Mens vintage printed shirts come in a plethora of colours, fits and styles.

Guayabera shirts, the traditional Cuban shirt, often has printed designs rather than embroidery, and of course Hawaiian shirts have great all over prints.You get some great 70s printed shirts, in a slim fit and wild colours, printed Western shirts with scenes of cacti and rodeo horses on, colourful 80s shirts and big and baggy 90s shirts.

Mens vintage printed shirts

Mens vintage printed shirts are really great for collectors as they can be considered workwear, worn with a more conservative pair of trousers and tie to add a bit of fun, however, don’t do as scientist Matt Taylor did last year and show your sense of fun by presenting a public report wearing a garish version of a Hawaiian shirt with nubile ladies plastered across it. This isn’t “fun”, neither does it show you’re a bit unworldly, and it’s not geek chic either. It’s offensive, especially as science is an area with too few women.


Hawaiian shirts come with all sorts of over the top designs, including fast cars, cigars, pizzas and pin ups, but it’s up to you to know when you’ve gone too far – preferably before stepping out in public, never mind a nation TV broadcast. Personally, I think it didn’t help that the shirt in question was already offensive to the eyes, with its purple, orange and turquoise colour scheme, even without the scantily clad nymphs.

70s mens vintage printed shirts

In contrast, some of the most charming, and flattering mens vintage printed shirts are from the 70s era. They often feature quite unexpected prints, like unicorns or bluebirds or psychedelic monster sunset scenes, for example, on a slim fit shirt which wearers of the time made sure to accessorise with a nice hairy chest to keep the manliness factor alive. Today you can wear them with vintage flares in a matching colour, or just your jeans.

Elvis style

Mens vintage printed shirts are great for a rockabilly look. Think Elvis in the 50s and layer a Hawaiian shirt over a white t shirt, and add indigo jeans with a turn up to your lower half. A cute quiff and some worker boots or converse are perfect and show you’re paying attention.

Stylish mens vintage printed shirts

If you want to avoid obvious retro references, mens vintage printed shirts come in some styles that can’t be so obviously pinpointed as coming from a specific era or particular culture. Look for a classic shape, neither boxy nor skin tight, with a collar not too wide, pointed or even rounded, and let the print do the talking. Choose a classic colour, like black, dark green or navy, and a subtle print that’s amusing up close.


But don’t wear mens vintage printed shirts if you’re shy. Confidence is key. Bold printed shirts have been featured in loads of menswear collections over the last few years, so chances are you’re not going to be the only person walking down the street wearing one, so don’t worry that you’ll stand out too much. With this look, you’ll stand out as a well dressed, enviably styled individual.


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