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Big collared shirts 70s style go big on today’s fashion catwalks

October 26, 2019

Pair some vintage big collared shirts 70s style with your modern favourites for a retro-fresh take on throwback outfits that are rocking today’s fashion world.


Big collared shirts 70s inspired are having a revival on today’s fashion runways, so take a look at big collar variations in short sleeves, button down shirts, long sleeves, disco shirts and shirt menswear and ladies wear style on your personal fashion journey.

Male, 70s portrait photo

Male, 70s portrait photo


70s shirt styles trends and influences


First a flashback to the seventies. Here are some of the top fashion trends that influences 70s shirt styles, including big collared shirts 70s style.


Disco big collared shirts

  • Disco style:  In the late 1970s, menswear was heavily influenced by disco style, which saw the popularity of three-piece suits ala John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever”.


These suits were typically in pale colours like beige, power blue or the classic white and had wide lapels, bell-bottomed pants and waistcoats.


Disco shirts took the form of big collar styles, fitted tightly to the body and in neutral colours like black, beige or blue when worn with disco-style suits.


Alternatively, disco shirts worn on their own were the epitome of big collared shirts 70s style, in bright colours and patterns like paisley, swirls, stripes or plaids.


The look was finished by leaving these big collared shirts 70s style open down to the waist, adding a chunky peace sign pendant and wearing flared jeans with platform shoes.


Vintage disco shirts were typically fabricated in nylon or polyester, giving them that wrinkle-free look perfect for dancing the night away.

Steve Vigil, 1975

Steve Vigil, 1975


  • Peacock parades: The styles of shirt men wore in the 1970s were flamboyant, in satin and silk, with ruffles down the front and on the cuffs. These big collared shirts 70s style were brightly coloured and patterned and were part of the aptly-named “Peacock Revolution”.


Guys were called Peacocks, Dudes or Dandies and embraced their fashion sense for the world to see.


Other variations of peacock style included suits in bright colours with peak lapels, double-breasted jackets and exotic fabrications of crushed velvet, wool blends, brocaded paisley or corduroy.


Big collared shirts 70s peacock style worn with these suits were in shades of bright blue, bottle green, teal or burgundy.

Big collared shirts 70s style go big on today’s fashion catwalks

Men’s disco fashion


  • Bright colours:  The 70s shirtand its coordinated separates were all about colour.   Men wore long sleeves in bright tie-dye prints with bell-bottom jeans, or button down shirts in shades of neon under sports coats and with corduroy pants.


  • Eastern influences:  The 1970s saw the rise of the safari suit, evolved from the Zhongshan suit from China. These safari suits because globally popular and were worn in traditional khaki or beige colours, or more flashy greens and blues.  They were sometimes paired with patterned big collared shirts 70s style for added pizzazz.

Glam big collared shirts

  • Glam rocker style:  big collared shirts 70s style were heavily influenced by glam rockers like David Bowie, Slade, the band KISS, Alvin Stardust and many others.


Embroidered Western-style shirts worn with a big collar, frilled shirts under velvet tuxedo jackets, big collared shirts 70s style in satin and silk worn with drainpipe trousers – these were just some of the ways rocker-wannabes strutted their stuff in the 1970s.

70s Egyptian Printed Short Sleeve Shirt

70s Egyptian Printed Short Sleeve Shirt


  • Informal wear:  Big collared shirts 70s style were also all about informal, casual wear that embraced the laid-back spirit. Flannel shirts with long sleeves worn untucked over jeans, track suits, shirts with short sleeves paired with chinos – all different expressions of informal style.


Other casual style trends included big collared shirts 70s style with lots of colour and print, western-style shirts with a big collar and all-denim outfits.

Big collared shirts - Eye catching houndstooth flares and Big collared shirts 70s

Eye catching houndstooth flares and Big collared shirts 70s


  • Athleisure evolution:  Track suits and leisure suits from the 1970s foreshadowed today’s popular athleisure style culture.


Track suits were especially popular across all levels of society, from country and business leaders, to hard-core sports stars to Soccer Moms.


Big collared shirts 70s style were layered under track suit jackets for style amplification. And the look was finished with chunky metallic jewellery, head bands and high-top sneakers.


These were just some of the top fashion trends of the 1970s that influenced the big collared shirts worn 70s style. Take your style inspiration from these trends and let your imagination guide you in pairing some throwback style big collared shirts the 70s way with your current wardrobe for a retro-modern look that shows your style savvy.

Sourcing your big collared shirts 70s style

Take a virtual tour of some of the top online sites to get yourself some big collared shirts 70s style. These are just a few of the best places to source your 1970s fashion, so get comfortable and start browsing.

70s Ben Sherman Purple Psychedelic Shirt

70s Ben Sherman Purple Psychedelic Shirt


  • For a 70s shirt with that authentic period look, be it with long or short sleeves, you should make Blue17 your first port of call. With so much variety in stock, you’re bound to come away with exactly what you want.


Rusty Zipper
  • Rusty Zipper has a highly curated collection of big collared shirts the 70s Look for speciality styles like shirts with landscapes printed on them, or shirts with a big collar embellished with frills down the front, on the cuffs and on the collar.


You will find your choice of big collared shirts 70s style in velvet, satin, silk, western-cut, flannel and so much more.


Pick up something exotic and dress it down with ripped jeans for an everyday look, or wear it under your black or navy suit for jazzed-up evening wear.


  • Etsy is another great place to find one-of-a-kind big collared shirts 70s They offer you original and authentic 1970s clothes in a range of sizes, styles and prices, so find yourself something to mash up with your current jeans or chinos that you know no-one else is going to be rocking.


You will find customized and hand-made choices on Etsy, so look for a style that speaks to you and lets you stand out from the crowd.

Big collared shirts - 70s-Multicolored-Checkered shirt

70s-Multicolored-Checkered shirt


Vintage Dancer
  • Head on over to Vintage Dancer and find big collared shirts 70sstyle in metallic and polyester fabrications, with mod stripes, zigzag prints and bright colours. You will find so many iterations of 1970s style to choose from.


Go all out with a head-to-toe 1970s outfit or get just a shirt to rock with your favourite pants – the choice is yours!


  • Amazon is still your biggest virtual marketplace for everything from heritage 1970s clothes to modern spins on big collared shirts 70sstyle, made with modern fabrics and technology.


You get the added advantage of a vast range of price points, so something to fit everyone’s budget.


And you have perks like free shipping, same day shipping and other options under different conditions.


Find something at Amazon to wear to work, wear to play or wear to your next 1970s fancy dress part.


These are just some of the global virtual market places to source your big collared shirts 70s style. Start your treasuring hunting now, and wear these throwback trends that never went out of style.


Find something to rock every event in your life today, from laid-back office wear, to cool streetwear, to jazzed-up evenings out. The 1970s are having their moment again so get in on the trend now!