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Mens 70s shirts done the vintage mens way to rock today!

December 6, 2019

1970s trends are back, so get yourself some mens 70s shirts and rock these vintage mens clothing items with your current wardrobe pieces for an on-trend look today.


The 1970s top fashion trends never really went out of style and are back with a vengeance. Source yourself some mens 70s shirts done the vintage mens way and show your style savvy with a mashup of retro and modern.

Asleep at the Wheel,1976

Asleep at the Wheel, 1976

Mens 70s shirts rocking the runways of today


If you want to refresh your everyday style and show your on-trend fashion savvy, get yourself some 70s shirts, preferably vintage mens shirts done the authentic 1970s way, and rock this renewed trend today.


Here are some of the 1970s style inspirations you can choose from, when decided what type of mens 70s shirts will work best for you.


  • 70s shirts and their influences: The 1970s were all about self-expression and personal style rather than generic dressing. There were some themes, though, that influenced the most popular looks of the day and continue to be pervasive in reimagined styles today.


Some of these timeless themes included the bohemian, hippie vibe epitomized by casual, loose and colourful clothing. Another popular style was the over-the-top disco look and its variations of glam rocker and peacock revolution looks.


  • Mens 70s shirts colours and styles:  In keeping with the themes of bold and bright, 70s shirts done the vintage mens way were all about rainbow-bright colours, swirling psychedelic patterns or tie-dyed variations.

Lars Jacob et al & fashions in San Diego, 1971

Lars Jacob et al & fashions in San Diego, 1971

70s shirts also came in a variety of textures and fabrications, depending on the style theme.  For the disco dancer look, mens 70s shirts were fitted tight to the torso with large collars and in satin or silk.


For the boho-hippie look, 70s shirts were fabricated in suede, corduroy, chambray, cotton, linen or denim, depending on the particular outfit and its purpose.


Mens 70s shirts were paired with bell-bottom jeans or flared striped trousers for the bohemian vibe, or with three-piece white or pastel suits with flared pants for getting down on the disco dance floor.


Platform shoes finished the disco dancer vibe, while faux leather sandals went well with the boho look.

Barry Manilow 1979

Barry Manilow, 1979

Mens 70s shirts done the early 1970s way


In the early years of that decade, mens 70s shirts were primarily in bright colours and worn with flared trousers (peacock look) or jeans (boho style), so big and bold colourations were the primary theme of the early 1970s.


  • Vintage mens shirts styled the hippie-chic way:  Bohemian style ala hippie-chic was pervasive in the 1970s and mens 70s shirts were no exception to this theme. Tie-dyed T-shirts and tunics, embroidered ethnic tops and folksy styles, patterns and fabrics were all the rage and are as groovy today as they were back in the day.


  • 70s shirt sand the Peacock Revolution:  Being a decade of vivid self-expression, it is no surprise that men in the 1970s strutted their stuff in vintage mens shirts of exotic fabrications like satin and velvet, and jewel-toned colours, giving rise to the “Peacock Revolution” style.


This revolution was symbolized by over-the-top embellishments like ruffles down the front of mens 70s shirts, crushed velvet fabrications, corduroy spins on 70s shirts and so much more.


The brazen looks were completed with Cuban-heeled boots, extra flared pants, braided belts and coordinated vests.

Efva Attling & Lars Jacob,1971

Efva Attling & Lars Jacob,1971

Mid-decade mens 70 shirts


By the middle of the 1970s, glam rock, hard rock and disco dancer looks took over from the earlier boho-hippie trends. The common theme of individual style was still the driving force behind these trends.


  • Mens 70s shirt the glam rocker way: This androgynous style started across the pond in the United Kingdom, where brit rock stars like Freddie Mercury and David Bowie became the fashion icons everyone wanted to follow.


  • Key looks for 70s shirts done the rocker way included extra-extra fabrications like satin, velvet, even leather and suede.


Special effects like ruffles, oversized collars and accessories like patterned silk scarves and ascots and platform boots completed the over-the-top “look at me” style.

Publicity photo of American actor John Travolta promoting his role on the ABC television series Welcome Back, Kotter

Publicity photo of American actor John Travolta for the television series Welcome Back, Kotter



By the late 1970s, hippie and boho 70s shirts styles had been overtaken by the disco vintage mens look. With trendy places like Studio 54 and trending people like John Travolta being emulated for fashion inspiration, disco style dressing became the way to do it.


  • Mens 70s shirts the Studio 54 way:  Picture three-piece suits with wide lapels, flared trousers, high-rise vests and seventies shirts in glossy fabrics like satin or silk and you have that Studio 54 look.


  • Aviator sunnies and long pointy shirt collars were other trends of this look.  Add some platform shoes and you are rocking it Studio 54 style!


complimentary 1970s hair styles


  • In the early 1970s, hair was worn long and full. Sideburns were popular and full, voluminous hair was a must, with perms and afros trending big-time.


  • In the later part of the decade, shorter cuts including buzz cuts and crew cuts became more popular.

Fashion photo ad, 1970s

Fashion photo ad, 1970s

Best ways to rock them today


Here are some inspirations for rocking 70s shirts the modern way.


Pick the 1970s style you want to channel, whether it is bohemian cool or disco flashy. Then look for those mens 70s shirts that fit your taste, budget and style inspiration.


You can go online to find what you are looking for, or visit your local thrift stores for a bargain.

Finally, you can go visit the consignment stores in your neighbourhood, which are pricier than thrift stores but offer very high-quality curated selections for you to choose from.


There are tons of online marketplaces to sources your vintage mens shirts from, so get comfortable and go virtual shopping!


Some of the best places to source your mens 70s shirts are Amazon, eBay and Etsy. But starting your search at Blue17 will likely get you all the inspiration you’re looking for. Each one offers you something a little different from the rest.

70s Egyptian Printed Short Sleeve Shirt

70s Egyptian Printed Short Sleeve Shirt

  • At Amazon, you will find the largest selection of modern spins on these types of shirts , at all kinds of price points to fit every budget.


  • At eBay, Vintage Dancer and Esty, you will find curated collections that include authentic vintage mens shirts, custom-made and hand-crafted and with 1970s origins. You know that you are getting one-of-a-kind options at these market places.


  • Mashup your current wardrobe basics like classic blue jeans, black dress pants, chinos and khakis with your mens 70s shirtsfor that retro-modern spin on 1970s style.

70s Mens Dark Grey Floral Shirt

70s Mens Dark Grey Floral Shirt

  • Pick your mens 70s shirts in patterns and bright colours for a standout look that is also very modern and that elevates everything in your current closet.


  • Go for a combination of slim and loose fits with your separates, such as pairing loose tunic style 70s shirts with slim fit jeans or fitted 70s shirtswith loose cut chinos for a current look.


  • Finish your throwback mens 70s shirts look with classic accessories like white sneakers for casual dressing, or loafers for dressed up events.


Finally, do also visit sites like Rusty Zipper, Retro Start London and Beyond Retro to get some additional vintage mens dress-up ideas.


Now that you’ve seen the top trends for mens 70s shirts from back in the day, and how to rock these trends for today, start your shopping and put together your looks to enjoy rocking a throwback style that is as retro as it is modern.