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Vintage Rock T shirts

July 20, 2015

Who’s your favourite rock star? Do you look back with happiness on the days when Ozzy Osbourne was a bono fide scary-crazy rock god, not a straggly haired dad reminiscing? Do you prefer Kiss, the Rolling Stones, Def Leppard or Bon Jovi? Vintage rock T shirts commemorate the heady days perfectly.

A brief guide to Vintage Rock T shirts

Discovery of the perfect T shirt

Maybe you’ll find the ultimate tour t-shirt, from a tour you actually attended and remember well the antics of the lead singer, the tongue waggling, the hip jerking. Or perhaps you were there but also at the after party, and remember not one detail. You bought the tour shirt at the time, but some old girlfriend kept wearing it to bed and eventually stole it from you when you split up. Ah, you’ve not thought about her, or the gig, or the party in years.


The discovery of the perfect vintage rock T-shirts will bring it all flooding back. Or perhaps you were never there in the first place… but you wish you were. Your vintage rock T-shirts is faded, washed out, holey and with some kind of interesting stains to commemorate the good times of its former owner.

Time for new (old) rock T-shirts

Don’t forget that you can definitely partake in the memories if you happen to be female. Perhaps you actually were the girlfriend who wore that t-shirt to bed and stole it from your ex, only to have someone else steal it from you in some sleazy bar. You took it off when the strains of “November Rain” came on, and in a rush of ecstasy danced topless, head banging like the old days.


When the sweat dried and it was finally time to go home, you looked for it but it was gone. Did some b*stard steal it, or was it found by a cleaning crew in the cold light of day, and ripped up for dusters? You hope the former – in any case when you find your phone and finally ring the bar three days later, it hasn’t turned up. Time for new (old) vintage rock T-shirts, methinks.


Vintage rock T-shirts have to be black. White t-shirts are perfect for that crisp summer look – but vintage rock T-shirts spit on crisp summer looks. And if the tee you find isn’t authentically stained and holy enough, it’s no problem to chuck a bit of bleach over it and worry away with a razor until a few holes appear. Just don’t overdo it, with that neatly shredded pattern that’s only designed to “carelessly” show off the wearer’s physique – that’s totally not the point. No neat laddering or fancy patterns here, just plain holes will do.


Vintage rock T shirts also exist in new, copied versions. This is actually all right, if you want the vibe without the genuine stains. Plus, you know, if you like the shiny foil, no real vintage t-shirt actually retains that, because rock stars and their fans never hand wash. So, get a copy, and wear it until it’s yours.

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