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90s shirts mens wear style that never go out of fashion

January 10, 2020

90s shirts the mens wear way continue to have their moment on today’s fashion catwalks and main streets across the globe, so get in on this throwback trend.


Some fashion trends never die and 90s shirts mens wear style lives on in new and exciting ways today, so check out the key trends from the Nineties and see how to re-work them into your current look with fashion-savvy flair.

Primus band in copenhagen, 1998

90s shirts mens style trends


Be inspired by some of the top 1990s fashion trends that influenced vintage mens shirt style looks from short sleeve options to long sleeve shirts and everything in between.

Business wear


  • Business wear:  In the 1990s, leather jackets cut in a blazer style or single-breasted blazers and jackets had replaced the opulent power suits of the 1980s.


90s shirts mens wear style designed for suiting were typically conservatively cut and coloured in solids rather than prints, with narrow collars and worn with matching ties.


This vintage mens wear look was finished with black Chelsea boots.

Black RM Williams Chelsea boots.

Black RM Williams Chelsea boots


As an alternative to the button-downed look for work, business-casual style became a thing, inspired by the polo short sleeve shirts and casual khakis or chinos worn by Bill Gates.


90s shirts mens wear style for business casual dressing took the form of bush shirts, polo tops or even simple white T-shirts worn under sweaters and paired with casual slacks.


  • Formal wear:  For formal evening dressing, 90s shirts mens wear style were all about suave black or navy blue colourations, worn with matching ties and suits, so a solid colour from head to toe for that cool modern James Bond look.

90s Watercolor Aztec Print Silk Shirt

90s Watercolor Aztec Print Silk Shirt

  • Preppy dressing:  90s shirts mens wear style done the preppy way was all about popped collars on brightly-coloured or pastel polo short sleeveshirts, striped T-shirts, gingham print shirts and simple white button-down shirts.


Designers like The Gap, Old Navy and Abercrombie & Fitch set these trends and were the brands to be seen in.


The look was finished with nautical blazers in navy blue with brass or gold buttons, monograms on breast pockets, sockless loafers and khakis or chinos.

The Jit Brothers, 1995

The Jit Brothers, 1995

  • Grunge style:  90s shirts mens wear style in the classic grunge look was epitomized by oversized flannel checked shirts worn loose over baggy and ripped jeans and finished with chunky black Doc Martins for that rebel look.


Other spins on 90s shirts mens style ala grunge included logo-embellished tees tucked into those baggy jeans, or loose hoodies over acid wash jeans.


The grunge look was defined by bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana, personified by unkempt long hair, aviator sunglasses and a just-rolled-out-of-bed style that said, “I don’t care”.

90s Dark Nature Silk Shirt

90s Dark Nature Silk Shirt

Brit style
  • Brit style: 90s shirts mens wear style were also influenced by Brit culture, starting from the 1970s onwards.    These vintage men’s looks took the form of Hawaiian shirts under leather bomber jackets, or a long sleeve shirtworn under a velvet blazer, or a retro paisley print shirt with bootcut jeans.


Other style inspirations from across the pond included graphic T-shirts, faux fir trimmed jackets and 90s shirts mens wear style in exotic fabrications like satin or PVC.


Brit style was finished off with classic Chelsea boots, high-top sneakers or loafers.

Hip Hop promotional photoshoot

  • Hip-hop inspired:  90s shirts mens wear style inspired by hip-hop trends took the form of oversized loose shirts or T-shirts worn under baseball jackets, tracksuit jackets or bomber jackets.


  • These shirts and jackets were worn with baggy jeans, tracksuit pants or cargo pants, and finished with high-top sneakers.


Accessories included baseball caps worn casually backwards and big metal chain-link jewellery added for that street-savvy look.

  • Global influences:  African-styled Madiba shirts made out of silk, or safari jacket-style shirts worn with matching safari pants also influenced 90s shirts mens wear style.


Brightly patterned and coloured bush shirts were another way to go when rocking global style.


These were just some of the key 1990s fashion trends that influenced 90s shirts mens wear style. Have you been inspired yet?

Where to source


Here are some of the best places to find the top vintage men’s looks from back in the Nineties, that you can rock today.

90s Renaissance Style Silk Shirt

90s Renaissance Style Silk Shirt

Abercrombie & Fitch
  • One of the original purveyors of 90s shirts mens wear style options, Abercrombie & Fitch remains a popular destination for classic Nineties vintage men’sshirts, pants, shoes and accessories.


  • Where you will find original pieces from the Nineties to modern spins on vintage men’s classics, this is the best place for the largest selection of 90s shirts mens wear style, at price points to suit every budget.


Added perks include free shipping, same day delivery and so many more options under certain conditions.

Urban Outfitters
  • For a modern, hip take on 90s shirts mens wear style, look no further than Urban Outfitters, who offer easy-to-wear fashion at a low cost and with a fresh, current spin on Nineties classics.


Rusty Zipper
  • If, on the other hand, you are in the market for authentic Nineties fashion that is one-of-a-kind, then check out the highly curated selection at Rusty Zipper, for everything from hats, shirts, pants and shoes, down to vintage accessories.

  • For esoteric and sartorially-unique style, take a virtual tour through the specialty treasures offered by Asos.


Not only is everything very reasonably priced, but you will find quirky and original reimagined versions of throwback 90s shirts mens wear style here.


  • Another top destination for original Nineties clothing items, Etsy has those one-of-a-kind pieces to offer you a chance to stand out from the crowd in something that no-one else will be wearing.


You will find here 90s shirts mens wear style done in everything from short sleeve options to long sleeve shirt styles, to sweatshirts, jumpers, jackets and all the different types of pants to go with.

  • Another cool outlet for your 90s shirts mens wear style option is Shinesty. Find vintage men’soutfits here, from retro Aloha shirts to linen suits and cool T-shirts, all you need for a dressed-down street or evening look.


  • Rokit is a Brit vintage fashion site where you can find clothes from all the past decades, so check out their Nineties offerings with that special British fashion flair.


Now that you know where to find and buy your 90s shirts mens wear style, start your fashion adventure and bring some throwback pizzazz into your look today. But before you begin your search, head on to Blue17’s 1990s shirts page and feast your eyes on what they have to offer!