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Find Your Favorite Vintage 90s Shirt

February 1, 2018

Locating the Favorite Vintage 90s Shirt is a tall task, because there are simply so many styles to choose from. The 90s brought a new wave in fashion, one far from the elaborate, out-there pieces of the 80s. Minimalism was suddenly back in style, mixed with a new grunge trends that emerged from the rock and roll scene. Oversized pieces were back, and were embraced by the younger generation.

How to wear your oversized Favorite Vintage 90s Shirt

Blue17 vintage 90s squares pattern shirt

Blue17 vintage 90s patterned shirt


What to Wear with Your Favorite Vintage 90s Shirt

Once you’ve found your favorite Vintage 90s Shirt, the question remains – what do you pair it with? Emilie is rocking a beautiful corduroy multi-colored printed 90s shirt with a beige Burberry mac that drops to about her knee, along with a bright orange straight-leg pair of 90s Levi 501 jeans. Levis were all the rage in the 90s, and the bright orange gives the outfit that extra pop of personality. After all, who said the 90s had to be all about black?

Keep Your Shoe Game Strong

Emilie models 90s patterned shirt, Beige Burberry mac and blue converse All Stars

Emilie models 90s outfit


Shoes are the key to completing your unique 90s look. The 90s open the doors to chunky platform sandals, Dr. Martens, and of course, the edgy converse. Emilie decided on a classic pair of vintage blue converse All Stars, adding a contrasting touch to her orange trousers and printed top. This casual look is perfect for a day trip to the beach, a trip to the shops, or an afternoon at the park. Wherever she goes, she is sure to stand out!



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