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90s trends and 90s fashion pictures

October 12, 2019

Take a virtual walk through 90s fashion pictures and review 90s trends for key styles to mashup in your wardrobe today for a throwback style that is au courant.


90s fashion and top 90s trends have made a comeback as can be seen by 90s fashion pictures in sartorial trend-setting magazines and style-setting sites, so be inspired by the key looks from the 1990s explored below.

Top 90s trends you will see in 90s fashion pictures:

The most popular 90s fashion trends from back in the day which are having a current moment of their own include crop tops, babydoll dresses, black leather moto jackets, ripped jeans, grungy flannel shirts and slip dresses.


Take a virtual walk through some of these key 90s trends and be inspired to add them to your wardrobe today for a retro-modern spin on 90s fashion.

90s fashion pictures od Jennifer Aniston in ripped Levi’s 501 Jeans

Ripped Jeans

 90s fashion pictures are filled with images of ripped jeans made popular by the grunge-rock bands of the day like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, and then faithfully emulated by rock-band fans and grunge rebels.


The grunge look was all about flannel shirts layered over graphic tees, layered over ripped jeans and finished with Doc Martins.

90s trends and 90s fashion pictures

Crop Tops

 Crop tops are back in fashion in a big way, as you can see by Gigi and Bella Hadid rocking them in their off-duty 90s fashion pictures look, or Kendall Jenner spinning them with high waisted jeans and white booties or sneakers.


Rock them yourself by pairing them with your summer floral maxi skirt or high waisted flared shorts with paper bag waistline. Crop tops are so versatile, as you can see in 90s fashion pictures or current day hacks.   You can show off your bare midriff, layer them over another top, or wear them with high waisted pants or skirts for spins that work from streetwear to catwalk.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

90s Fashion Pictures with Jennifer Aniston

 Jennifer Aniston was one of the trendsetters for 90s fashion, as you will see in any review of 90s fashion pictures.


Whether in character as Rachel on “Friends” or rocking her off-duty style on the streets of L.A. or New York City, Jennifer Aniston was all about the minimalistic look of white or black tee shirts paired with classic jeans or sleek shift dresses and white button-downs tucked into pencil skirts for day wear.

Jane Leeves in blue slip dress at the Emmy Awards, 1995

Jane Leeves in blue slip dress at the Emmy Awards, 1995

Slip Dresses as day wear

Another key 90s fashion trend you will see come alive in 90s fashion pictures is slinky, silky slip dresses, camisoles and spaghetti strap dresses worn under jackets and over T-shirts, with the ultra-feminine vibe offset by chunky combat boots and faded denim.

Goth guy and girl

Goth guy and girl


The Goth Look in 90s Fashion Pictures

Take a virtual tour of any 90s fashion pictures and you will see the Goth look come alive in the form of black leather and lace, combat boots and platform shoes, fishnet stockings, lashings of metal accessories and makeup ala Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and Korn.


These Gothic 90s trends were all about the embodiment of rebellion and were a fashion fave of outsiders in schools, colleges and street corners everywhere.

90s fashion pictures of the Spice Girls on tour

Spice Girls on tour

Animal prints ala Spice Girls

No 90s fashion pictures would be complete without leopard, zebra, snake and other animal prints. The Spice Girls embodied this walk on the wild side from hair accessories down to shoes.


Animal prints have never gone out of style and you see them rocking the catwalks and main streets today, in blouses, dresses, bags, boots and shoes, so give this iconic and timeless 90s trend a try.

90s fashion pictures of Black bodysuit and white cycling shorts

Black bodysuit and white cycling shorts

90s fashion the Bike Shorts way

 90s fashion pictures illustrate the 90s trend of skin-tight bike shorts, now reinvented by the likes of Bella and Gigi Hadid as part of the whole athleisure wear look.


Today’s bike short is brighter and more colourful that its 90s fashion predecessor, and now in modern and highly technical fabrications that provide for excellent fit and durability.

Flannel Shirts

Yet another 90s trend you will see in 90s fashion pictures is the grunge look that Marc Jacobs sent down his catwalk in the early 90s.


Grunge is back in a big way, with flannel shirts, babydoll dresses, Doc Martins and slouchy caps, all mashed together for that don’t-care look that screams laid-back cool yet takes a special style sense to put together for maximum effect.


Now that you’ve had a virtual walk through key 90s trends, go online to global marketplaces like Amazon or eBay and browse some 90s fashion pictures for 90s fashion inspiration that you can incorporate into your style persona for today’s world, from daytime work wear to night time party looks.


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