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Why Is 90s Fashion Making A Comeback

August 19, 2022

Why Is Fashion From The 90s Making Such A Big Comeback?

90s fashion trends have always been iconic, but it seems now that 90s fashion is making a big comeback. We explore why, and what trends you should look out for!

What Is 90s Fashion?

90s fashion is a term that is used so frequently that it’s easy to forget what it stands for. What exactly is 90s fashion?


The range of clothing styles that were popular in the 90s is vast: from grunge, to double denim, to tube tops, to overalls, to butterfly clips, to baggy jeans and more. And that’s not even the full list!


90s fashion has been making a steady comeback for the past few years (but maybe not double denim…), but why? Why 90s trends in particular? Let’s find out.

1990s publicity photo.

1990s publicity photo.

Fashion Comebacks: Why and How?

How do styles and trends come back into fashion?


There could be multiple answers to this question. One of the theories around this focuses on the influence that older generations and their fashions can have on younger generations growing up around such styles.

Another of the theories discusses fashion staples, and how some things are so timeless that they never go out of fashion in the first place. So let’s have a look!

Staff Cerini,1995

Publicity photo of Staff Cerini in 1995. Models: Nicole Neumann, Mariana Garcia Navarro, Catalina Rautemberg, Analia Maiorana, Ana Paula Dutil, Florencia Raggi, Deborah De Corral, Daniela Urzi, Dolores Barreiro, Carolina Peleritti,

Fashion Comebacks from Generational Influences

This sounds very complicated, but it’s much more simple than you think! The DSN English report on fashion trends says that trends repeat themselves every 20 to 30 years. But why this timeframe?


Theories suggest that a big reason why 90s fashion is making a comeback could be children being influenced by their parents’ clothing. As the children grow and develop their own fashion identity, they may take inspiration from the clothing their parents have/wear and ‘translate’ it into modern styles. Nowadays thanks to the internet and archiving, we have much more immediate and primary access to the pop culture/media influences of the 1990s and 1980s.


In the 1990s themselves, they had less access to the pop culture/media of the 1960s and 1970s. This means that we can refer to the style and fashion of the 1990s very easily (and with the direct resources to do so), while in decades past, this was more difficult to do.

Juana Molina and Federico Mayol in a graphic from 1997 for the brand Gags

Juana Molina and Federico Mayol in a graphic from 1997 for the brand Gags

Fashion Staples Are Always Trending

There are some clothing items and accessories that will always be in-trend. No, really: think of a plain white t-shirt, or a pinstriped suit, or the iconic ‘little black dress’. These are staples of nearly everyone’s wardrobe because they’re so universal, adaptable and accessible.


When you think of 90s clothing, some things may spring to mind: bright blocks of color, black leather jackets, white or graphic t-shirts, acid-wash jeans, black combat boots, sheer dresses. While these are all spanning different styles and genres of clothing, they have one thing in common: they’re universal, adaptable and accessible. Each of these iconic 90s items can easily be used in another style or look.


The likes of a leather jacket transcends trends and decades: it’s a staple clothing item to have regardless of your personal fashion preference. You’re bound to wear it at some point! This is a reason why 90s Fashion is making a comeback – they never really go away in the first place.


What Comebacks Can We Expect To See?

So that’s all well and good to know in theory, but what trends in 90s fashion are making a comeback? It’s a good question.

The fashion of the 90s is wide-ranging, but a few fan-favorites that have made it back onto the style stage of 2022 are:


  • Crop tops – a cropped jumper or a cropped t-shirt is a fun way to jazz up an outfit.

  • Bomber jackets – these will not only keep you warm, but look great too!

  • Leather biker jackets – an edgy addition to any outfit.

  • Combat boots – don’t forget to wear thick socks while you’re breaking your combat boots in!

  • High-top sneakers – slick, comfy, casual.

  • High-waisted jeans – comfortable and flattering, the perfect combination!

  • Slip dresses – why did we ever let these go out of style?! Perfect for the summer.


And there we have why Is 90s Fashion Making A Comeback. Whether you’ve always been a fan of 90s fashion, or this is your first venture into 90s trends, it’s going to be a fun summer season with these comebacks to look forward to!